Traducción de rump steak en Español:

rump steak

filete de cadera, n.


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    filete de cadera masculino
    churrasco de cuadril masculino Río de la Plata
    • The fillet or rump steaks are delectable and reasonably sized, served with an array of mouth-watering sauces.
    • The most popular steak dish is the 300g rump steak with béarnaise sauce and chunky chips and garden salad.
    • I successfully ordered a rump steak with chips and peas and Mexican chicken with chips and salad.
    • But my dinner of a 5oz rump steak was only 3 quid, hot, tender and tasty.
    • The menu boasts everything from rump steaks to bangers and mash - and there are jackets and baguettes available too.
    • The most expensive dish on the menu - a 16 oz rump steak served with onion rings, tomato and mushrooms - cost only £12.95.
    • This is how to cook a 2.5cm thick rump steak so that it's nice and rare in the middle.
    • In the old days you didn't mind a good bit of fat on a rump steak.
    • I'll never stop eating meat, especially the crackling off roast pork and blood-oozing rump steaks but I admit I haven't made much of a hole in Europe's beef mountain.
    • The rump steak was succulent and was served with creamy mash, although the overcooked ratatouille let the dish down.
    • I chose the rump steak, which was served with a baked tomato and buttered mushrooms.
    • The 10 oz rump steak is half the meaty price it costs today at just £7.95.
    • Heat 5ml oil in a pan and cook 225g lean beef rump steak alongside 1 small onion, sliced.
    • The food was good (I had oysters, rump steak and a mixed dessert platter) the wine was cheap and plentiful and the company excellent.
    • At World Sports, the menu included the Shaq 32 rump steak and the Air Jordan chicken (with pumpkin purée).
    • I chose risotto with asparagus, clams and octopus carpaccio to start, followed by rump steak and polenta.
    • You don't have to go far to fall over a deer in these parts and the venison rump steak with gravy and rowan jelly was undoubtedly local.
    • Pound per metric pound, it's cheaper to buy rump steak than it is pork tongue.
    • The rump steak was especially succulent, the chicken in tomato and basil sauce, lamb and mint koftas and beef kebabs moist and tender.
    • Pan-frying is a good way to cook rump steaks or chops, which are at their juiciest when served well-seared on the outside and pink inside.