Traducción de runaround en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈrənəˌraʊnd//ˈrʌnəraʊnd/


  • 1

    to give sb the runaround tomarle el pelo a algn coloquial
    • she's giving him the runaround está jugando con él
    • Ever since he was given the runaround by him, we have known that the master of the giant firework is no full-back.
    • Debtors will be much more able to give creditors the runaround by using illness, injury, loss of employment, or the end of a relationship to have the terms changed.
    • I kept getting the runaround initially, but persistence got me through the door.
    • He asked the US government agencies and got the runaround.
    • When I asked the council and Bradford Vision what had become of the supplement I was given the runaround.
    • After trying to give him the runaround, he and the officers agreed to his request.
    • Man mountain Matt has risen from the Fourth Division to the heart of Scotland's defence, but he was given the runaround by City when at Oxford.
    • But when she approached her client about the payment, she got the runaround.
    • As for book reviewing, I have to say I know too many women who have gotten the runaround from editors to see the lack of women as a problem of supply.
    • The policemen guarding the entrance to the compound don't seem to like the look of me, and despite the best efforts of my interpreter, it's clear that I am being given the runaround.
    • But they ended up being given the runaround for seven days because Salford council didn't know whether it was their job to remove the vandalism at Barr Hill on Bolton Road, or the government's.
    • But I get the first question, and if I think you're dancing around the answer, you'll get exactly the same kind of runaround from me.
    • Attorneys get the runaround when they begin calling stations to locate clients.
    • A gypsy convoy is giving the council the runaround.
    • But how can you remain calm when some faceless administrator is giving you the runaround?
    • He'd been giving me the runaround now for a few days and I was sick of it.
    • So what we decided when we contacted you again recently - and again tried unsuccessfully to get you on the phone - was that we were getting the same old runaround.
    • For years, UN inspectors were given the runaround until they gave up.
    • Fair Go (TV1, Wednesday, 7.30 pm) is back for its 27th year to help out Kiwis who have been ripped off, short-changed or given the runaround.
    • He says he personally booked the grounds, and cannot understand the runaround his team was given by the Technikon authorities.