Traducción de rune en Español:


runa, n.

Pronunciación /ruːn//run/


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    runa femenino
    • He pressed a button, and the runes changed into English letters.
    • If you convince yourself that you will get some deeper insight into a situation by interpreting the situation in terms of a set of abstract symbols like the runes, you will probably get that insight.
    • The original manuscript has the equivalent letters embedded as runes.
    • They also plan to erect a standing stone in New York City's Central Park, carved with Viking runes in honour of Eriksson's 1000th anniversary.
    • This is a written language which looks similar to runes and other ancient scripts, however academics have been struggling for many years to correctly decipher it.
    • As with relics or ancient runes, it's all about touching, reading, pondering, examining.
    • There were several different versions of some of the runes, and individual runes might be carved back-to-front or upside down.
    • They walked into a huge building, a temple riddled with runes and hieroglyphs.
    • ‘They seem to be in the same language as the runes on the Lasershot, but older,’ he said.
    • There were some ancient stones with runes carved into them in a place in Denmark called Jelling, they were pretty cool.
    • The smooth stone walls of the place were covered in runes and Glyphs.
    • Some of the unusual runes on the Kensington Rune Stone turn out to belong to the secret tradesmen's version of the alphabet.
    • Both bear diplomatic plates and a licence which purports to be in the language of Old Britain, derived from Finnish, Estonian, ancient runes and a lot of ethno-linguistic study.
    • They had no written language beyond a crude system of notations which were even more limited than the runes of Earth's ancient barbarians.
    • The Nazi's made good use of the runes and Germanic icons because they were Germanic and thus nationalizing, and because they just looked cool.
    • Oddly enough, I memorized the Anglo-Saxon rune alphabet in high school with a friend of mine so we could pass notes in geometry class.
    • Covering the hilt were runes of some lost language, and in the centre was an impressive green gemstone.
    • He was a jeweler of sorts but as a hobby he spiffed around in ancient runes and languages.
    • The runes also show a path of progression from the Elder Futhark, to the Anglo-Saxon runes with some influence from Ogham, to English.
    • There are several threads on the runes and Futhark here, if you want to know more.
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    augurio masculino
    • Every stone of the edifice was marked with a rune, coursing with magical strength.
    • Around its edges strange runes were carved into it, giving it a unique, magical air.
    • Nearly all the stones were cut in perfect spheres each with a rune that marked the element that they represented.
    • Many New Agers seem to like Tolkein, so the fact that his Hobbits used a kind of runes in their writing may have enhanced the association of runic letters with magic and mystery.
    • The runes and designs on their bodies moved in the firelight.
    • They took bottles of differing colors of dyes and began to paint his body in the patterns of runes and symbols as ancient as Eire itself.
    • Strange runes that glowed with fire were carved upon the stone pinnacles.
    • The walls were covered with writing and occasional symbols which I understood to be runes.
    • Queer runes and letterings were scratched across the wallpaper, which was tarnished and weathered with age.
    • His brother had spent nearly all day and night trying to carve a simple rune into the face of a small amethyst.
    • The sword was impressively worked with runes and magic carvings, most of which glowed slightly in various colors.
    • Carefully consulting the book, he scrawled various glyphs and runes at certain points in the design.
    • Unlike Belloc's old staff, the new staves were ornately carved with runes and ancient arcane symbols.
    • "I can decipher these runes, " she said, leaning on the rock.
    • Ancient and intricate runes were carved all over it, and the statues of the Goddess Aurora lining the walls all seemed to be gazing at it in appreciation.
    • Four pillars stood in the four corners and in the center was a stone altar adorned with strange runes.
    • They hadn't been walking for very long when the mage stopped at a plain, metal door with a rune carved heavily in its surface.
    • It's a large stone tablet, covered in runes and markings.
    • In fact he wore a complete set of finely made golden samurai armor, and in his gauntleted hands he carried a pair of long wooden swords, each one with ancient runes scrawled up their sides.
    • He pulled several down and discovered that the pages were stamped with bizarre runes of what must have been the written form of the Martian language.