Traducción de russet en Español:


color rojizo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrəsət//ˈrʌsɪt/


  • 1

    color rojizo masculino
    (hair/leaves) (before noun) rojizo
    • The leaves of various deciduous trees will be forming carpets of gold and russet throughout the season.
    • Some perennials change their leaves to gold or russet in autumn, while others stay evergreen, thus making the garden enjoyable and adding interest in the fall and winter months.
    • As the days grow shorter and cooler, plants take on new personas, ripening into warm gold, russet, and sepia tones.
    • It comes in a range of colours from russet to beige, and prices start at £895.
    • The trees were all shades of russet, gold, and jade.
    • Every shade of auburn, russet and tan shone through and seemed to make him look almost angelic.
    • In the fall, look for the trees to turn russet, bronze, or deep red.
    • They are grown for the beautiful colours of their foliage: lemony green, pink, plum, cerise, chocolate, russet and flame.
    • Autumn's colors are deep and rich - russet, crimson, burnt orange, gold, dark green, and the color of hay.
    • I glanced out the window once again, and while it was not massive blob of russet, it still blended to beige.
    • I am not discussing the difference between russet and terracotta, any more.
    • Horsemen mount, to hasten their dawn-lit stock through a wood of russet and silver.
    • Kept clipped as a hedge, beech keeps its leaves year round - green in summer, turning to russet in autumn.
    • The rising sun was behind her, still barely a glow over the horizon turning the streamers of clouds above it russet and gold.
    • The tough rind, pale russet in colour, is very bitter, as is the covering of the three seeds.
    • With its palette of cream and russet, the room couldn't have been more soothing, and the black-and-white photographs of local landmarks that adorned the walls were covetable.
    • Nephrite and jadeite, the former in colours of white, yellow, russet and green were used in the making of unique little bottles.
    • It was early September and the bushes were a dazzling palette of scarlet, orange, russet, blue and green.
    • We're thinking we might be able to compromise on russet.
    • Central Park was dappled in red, russet, and gold.