Traducción de Russian doll en Español:

Russian doll

muñeca rusa, n.


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    muñeca rusa femenino
    • He likens these organisms to Russian dolls, with the original bacteria nestled deep within other organisms.
    • As if a single universe was not enough, there were more of them out there - like those Russian dolls she had played with when she was a little kid.
    • Poignant moments between the brothers nest like Russian dolls within six generations of their clan and seven hundred years of Scottish Highlander history on two continents.
    • Every mystery is contained inside another one like a Russian doll but one where each shell is the same size as the last, a recursive puzzle.
    • Enjoy a Russian folk-art exhibition featuring a wide range of exhibits including Russian dolls, batik and Christmas decorations.
    • The fate of most councils or committees is to grow too large to be effective and to be replaced by an executive or inner caucus, like a series of Russian dolls.
    • The flea market offers many unique items including mounted butterflies and Russian dolls featuring former Soviet leaders and past American presidents.
    • In another, a display of icons, religious insignia and Russian dolls opens onto a personal worship area and the intimate portraits of a woman and a young man.
    • For the novice collector, a 20 th-century painted wooden Russian doll set has the affordable estimate of €223 to €298.
    • Yet each year the tree adds a new layer of wood under the bark, and the amount of wood needed to coat the whole tree increases, just as, in a set of Russian dolls, each new doll on the outside has to be bigger.
    • Like Russian dolls, each had a smaller version of itself hidden inside.
    • On display are Buddhas, animé characters, and Russian dolls.
    • One gold earring - quite possibly to be worn by a man, the carvings suggest - is a fist-sized, astonishingly intricate, assemblage of dozens of rings and spirals, set inside each other like a Russian doll.
    • Scary Movie brings to mind those Russian dolls that fit one inside the other.
    • Determined to make a success of it, they used their own cupboards from home for the bar, added Russian dolls, folk art and solid wooden tables to create an unpretentious rustic look - just on the cusp of kitsch.
    • Each additional bundle consists of yet more leaves and yet more bundles, and so forth, like nested Russian dolls, but more complicated.
    • Still, only golf sets up its challenges in such a tidy row, a telescoping succession like that of Russian dolls nested one inside the other.
    • At a shop in a newly built Chinese customs office building, Russian dolls, Korean carrots and other souvenirs were sold.
    • THE Russian dolls, if they are indeed Aberdonian, will have to go some to match the merchandising success story that has been the Willie Miller / Che Guevara T-shirt.
    • At the ceremony, a Russian member of the association presented him with a collection of traditional Russian dolls bearing the faces of previous ROC presidents and himself.