Traducción de rust bucket en Español:

rust bucket

montón de chatarra, n.


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    montón de chatarra masculino coloquial
    • ‘It's not a rust bucket, Toni,’ Dad said, annoyed.
    • Conditions on the ship, itself little more than a rust bucket, were very bad.
    • Then the driver took our bags, not to some little rust bucket but to a stretch Mercedes.
    • With his rust bucket still sputtering in neutral, he marched up and down the dirt parking lot, hastily stapling surf-film posters on wooden electricity poles.
    • Better to simply buy a worthless rust bucket, pay the minimal non-insured fee and hope for the best.
    • The bus drove us through the airport past all the big shiny jets to a small field where the beat up old two prop rust bucket planes were kept.
    • A rust bucket cab whisked me through raucous, claustrophobic, and grungy urban streets which the noon sun's warmth and light never graced.
    • I was invited there this summer and expected it to be a rather grey industrialised place populated by rather grey people driving around in rust buckets instead of cars.
    • Each vessel was a shoddy, ill-maintained rust bucket.
    • Anyway, I managed to get home safe and in one piece - despite what the rest of my fellow-drivers had in mind for me and as I park the little old rust bucket I drive, I thanked all that is good for delivering me safe.
    • She got into her aging rust bucket and drove home without turning the heater on.
    • It looked like a broken down missile, but we had not choice, in we went and I buckled down, praying to the Force that this rust bucket would hold together.
    • It was a rust bucket really so when it's not your car you can throw it around a bit.