Traducción de rustle en Español:


susurrar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈrʌs(ə)l//ˈrəsəl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (leaves) susurrar
    (paper) crujir
    (silk) hacer frufrú

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make sound)
    the wind was rustling the leaves el viento hacía susurrar las hojas
    • he rustled the sheets of paper on his desk impatiently movió impaciente los papeles que tenía en el escritorio
  • 2

    (cattle/horses) robar


  • 1

    (of leaves) susurro masculino
    (of paper) crujido masculino
    (of silk) frufrú masculino
    • Her ears picked up the sound of a soft rustle, and then beneath it, the quiet steady thudding of cushioned weight hitting the ground.
    • There was a rustle, then the sound of a door opening.
    • A soft rustle beside me warned me of Laila's approach.
    • There was the chirp of birds, the soft rustle of a faint breeze in the trees.
    • The simplest sounds - the rustle of a snare drum, a snatch of vocals looped repeatedly - induce a trancelike state.
    • It is replaced by the soft rustle of saris, the smells of incense and saffron, and the Eastern twang of sitars.
    • There were no song birds and the only sound was the gentle rustle of a light breeze through the stiff orderly lines of cabbages, swedes and turnips.
    • The rustle of the leaves overhead was restful, and the lacy pattern of shadows cast on the ground was hypnotic.
    • After that, there was only the sound of clicking abacus beads and the rustle of papers.
    • A soft rustle of leaves dimly caught my attention.
    • We heard a grunt from the undergrowth, then a rustle of leaves, then something pawing impatiently at the ground.
    • Just then a faint rustle of leaves disturbed the pressing silence.
    • The sound was soft, barely louder than the rustle of dry leaves, and nobody noticed.
    • There was a soft rustle of leaves that came with a chilly breeze.
    • It landed solidly, making a soft rustle as the metallic surface met paper.
    • Outside, she could hear the faint sound of wood being chopped in conjunction with the soft rustle of leaves blowing in the wind.
    • Beside her, Lord Avon mumbled in his sleep and turned over with a soft rustle of the silken sheets.
    • A loud rustle sounded from the floor of her tree house.
    • She told me once that she could hear the ancient secrets of the land whispered to her through the bark, if she laid her head against it, or in the gentle rustle of the leaves.
    • The village was empty though, with only the rustle of the leaves to greet them.