Traducción de saddlery en Español:


guarniciones, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsædləri//ˈsadləri//ˈsædəlri/

nombrePlural saddleries

  • 1

    guarniciones femenino
    arreos masculino
    • The prizes for farmers’ milk turnouts have been considerably increased and a silver medal is being offered for the best collection of saddlery.
    • Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, a harness maker, the Hermes firm branched out into saddlery in 1880.
    • Hundreds of people travelled to the southeast Queensland home of RM Williams at the weekend to buy saddlery, tools and machinery from the estate of the bush legend.
    • Although they did do a good job on the brown canvas stable jackets and ‘fore and aft’ caps, the tack and saddlery are wrong.
    • For horse and pony lovers, there was a range of horse boxes, saddlery and other equestrian equipment on display.
    • There's no expensive saddlery, no fancy riding gear for the owner, and llamas do not require shoeing.
    • Six months after the ban came into force, livery yards, farriers, blacksmiths and those who make saddlery and hunting clothes are starting to suffer from the dwindling numbers of hunters.
  • 2

    talabartería femenino
    guarnicionería femenino
    • A picture framing shop, a newsagents, a saddlery and a needlework store have all shut recently.
    • The saddlery, now run by Duff's nephew Randy still turns out world-class saddles.
    • Francis Fels, who had operated a store and saddlery at Melrose and Hammond for some time, was declared insolvent in 1893.
    • Millbrae is the only saddlery in the Central Belt, and Donald McLelann, Anne's fiancé, is one of three master saddlers in the country.
    • Since you live in Calgary, I suggest you go to a saddlery & see what they say.
    • Fashion giant Ralph Lauren has backed down over its threat to grab domain from a village saddlery.
    • There was a butcher, baker, saddlery and a blacksmith operated by David Baker who employed thirty men.
    • Formerly a Garda barracks, sweet shop and saddlery, the ground floor of the property has been opened up to accommodate one very large reception area which is partially divided by a wood panelled partition.
    • By 1873 Francis had moved to the Flinders Ranges and acquired a saddlery and harnesshop in Blinman.
    • I am not a leather expert, so you really need to consult a leather repair shop or saddlery for info on this question.
    • There was a saddlery and a well-stocked store, operated by W.D. Stephenson and his wife.