Traducción de safe haven en Español:

safe haven

refugio seguro, n.


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    refugio seguro masculino
    • I want to live in a country that is perceived around the world as a safe haven, as a soft touch, if you like.
    • More immediately, if we fail to act, no one can predict how far interest rates will rise or whether or when foreign investors will lose confidence in U.S. securities as a safe haven.
    • While police and magistrates take punitive action to try to stop physical assaults, and refuges provide a safe haven for women and children trying to escape violence, curing such violence is not easy.
    • The heather provides safe havens for ground nesting birds like curlew, lapwing, merlin, golden plover and the black grouse and the Moorland Association wants walkers to help keep the moors special.
    • Whilst the latter remains true for the moment, Americans will now have to live with the notion that their country is no longer a safe haven from the world's problems and it cannot sit back in comfortable certainty.
    • The Alliance was a soft (or, depending on your point of view) sensible centre, a safe haven between extremes of monetarism and unilateral disarmament.
    • Some will picture a desperate refugee fleeing fear and persecution for the safe haven of a new country.
    • The US administration has also accused the Horn of Africa country of being a safe haven for extremist groups.
    • As enraged leaders around the world have said, there can never be a safe haven, a place of refuge, anywhere on the planet for those who show no regard for the sanctity of human life.
    • Still, I can't grumble as I've found a safe haven in this city and it's only a fifteen minute walk from Queens Street.
    • You see, they got it right and kept the place as a safe haven for decent folk who like a beer or a bite without crazed yobs screaming obscenities in their ears.
    • For Miriam, VR is an exciting alternative to the real world, a safe haven with limitless potential, beyond age, beyond race, beyond gender.
    • Diplomats said the stakes were high because were the explosion to have been a suicide attack, it would shatter government claims that Tunisia was a rare safe haven amid the regional turmoil.
    • When hostilities began, people piled out of shares and invested in bonds on the grounds that government-backed securities offered a safe haven.
    • Even so, a number of brokers see the company as a safe haven in difficult world markets and continue to tip the shares which yield around 4.5%.
    • Dubai has in the past been a safe haven for international investments sheltering from trouble in the region.
    • But others say that Peru is a safe haven among Latin American countries, like Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, which face more serious violence and economic woes.
    • They can't be certain they've got a safe haven or sanctuary at any particular place.
    • The quiet sterile environs offer a safe haven for those looking for a cinematic adventure in the inner-city without the grit that downtown provides.
    • Federal government securities are widely viewed as a safe haven in times of crisis.