Traducción de safety catch en Español:

safety catch

seguro, n.


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    seguro masculino
    • I pulled back the bolt of the carbine, released the safety catch, and faced the mob.
    • But the automatic safety catch was working and he was unable to make the weapon fire by jarring it.
    • Ian unshouldered his pack and flicked on the safety catch of the shotgun out of habit.
    • He took the gun for protection and had taken off the safety catch in case he had to fire it in the air to show it was loaded but Mr Smith lunged for it and it went off accidentally.
    • He added that the pistol was found to have its safety catch on during the incident.
    • Despite assurances that the SA80 was fit for use in desert environments, soldiers on several occasions released the safety catch only to find they still could not fire.
    • This independent testing ensured that the new holster variant did not, for example, shift the safety catch to fire or depress the magazine release catch when a pistol was inserted or removed.
    • Similarly, the very presence of the safety catch - a device correctly perceived as making it more difficult for a criminal who snatches the gun to quickly make it operate - has helped sell these guns.
    • Moreover, when the bolt is all the way down in ‘lockdown’ mode, the releasing of the safety catch causes it to fly up into its ‘fire’ position with a distinct sound.
    • It has been suggested that having to swipe off a safety catch before you fire can be fatally slow.
    • He pulled the control stick right and back, clicking the safety catch to fire.
    • Cheshire coroner Nicholas Rheinberg said expert witnesses were satisfied the shotgun, which had an automatic safety catch, could not have discharged accidentally.
    • ‘I want to kill the foreigners in Kunduz, then go to school and become an engineer,’ says Ramazani smiling, as he constantly fiddles with the safety catch of his assault rifle.
    • And then it was decided to pin the safety catch into the ‘fire’ position, presumably on the theory that the cops would be too stupid to manipulate it correctly.
    • At one checkpoint we were half-heartedly questioned by a bored youth of about 15 who played idly with the safety catch on his Kalashnikov.
    • Carefully aligning the sights and holding the pistol steady as he was taught so long ago, the child thumbs off the safety catch and squeezes the trigger.
    • No wonder Goering released the safety catch on his revolver at the mention of culture.
    • Ross had cut down the shotgun and would have had to remove the safety catch on the weapon before using it.
    • Before he got to the lay-by where Mr Smith was waiting, Hickson loaded the weapon and took off the safety catch.
    • Whether the photo was posed for the ‘Press’ or not, whether the weapon was loaded or not, whether the safety catch was on or not, this is highly irregular and dangerous.