Traducción de safety match en Español:

safety match

fósforo de seguridad, n.


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    fósforo de seguridad masculino
    cerilla de seguridad femenino España
    cerillo de seguridad masculino México América Central
    • They were helped by hotel manager Yossi Agusti to use the money to buy basic necessities such as sheets, sarongs, buckets, plates, spoons, glasses, water containers, safety matches, flashlights, batteries and food.
    • Another familiar, although much less important, use of phosphorus is the manufacture of wood and paper safety matches.
    • The introduction of safety matches also facilitated the spread of cigarette smoking.
    • They were safety matches, however, and she couldn't find anything to light them on, finding tree bark a poor substitute for the sandpaper-like substance on match boxes.