Traducción de safety razor en Español:

safety razor

maquinilla de afeitar, n.


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    maquinilla de afeitar femenino
    maquinita de afeitar femenino América Latina
    • One measure for preventing SSIs has been to remove patients' hair in the surgical field via a safety razor.
    • The advent of safety razors has rendered local barbers jobless.
    • Research performed during the last 30 years has demonstrated that preoperative shaving using safety razors is a risk factor for the development of surgical site infections.
    • More than a century ago, King Gillette invented both the safety razor and a new way of marketing consumer goods.
    • This lock-'em-in-and-keep-'em-loyal routine has roots going back 100 years, with King Camp Gillette, who at one point gave away his innovative safety razor, then made his fortune selling the disposable blades.
    • Nurses can work with members of the infection control, risk management, supply management, and surgical departments to eliminate the use of safety razors for hair removal.
    • But you emerge a new man: gleaming, angular, ready to throw away every last aloe-basted-nancy-pants safety razor you own.
    • But he made another trip on December 22 and was later found in his room, having cut himself with a safety razor blade and bled to death.
    • The safety razor did not appear until the beginning of the 20th century and from then on, of course, anyone could adopt the style of the bourgeoisie just as anyone, eventually, could aspire to affluence with an off - the - peg suit.
    • ‘But he’ - a prior inventor - ‘has shown the world how to make a safety razor by clamping a blade in the way which I have described…
    • The safety razor is believed to have been invented by a Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Perret.
    • I was anxious about what a derailed security apparatus at a small airport could do to me over nothing more than an innocent safety razor.
    • In 1901, Gillette introduced his double-edged bladed disposable safety razor.
    • Go back 100 years, before the safety razor hit the scene, and every man was expected to expose his neck to an edge he had sharpened himself.