Traducción de saint's day en Español:

saint's day

día de un santo, n.


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    día de un santo masculino
    fiesta de un santo femenino
    (name day) día del santo masculino
    (name day) onomástica femenino
    (name day) onomástico masculino
    my saint's day mi onomástica / onomástico
    • Mr Rowen has signed a House of Commons motion along with 33 other MPs calling for England to fall in line with other countries and declare its patron saint's day a holiday.
    • It's a shame that we don't have pageants and parades for our patron saint's day as they do in other countries.
    • Vincent is named for the saint's day on which Christopher Columbus first sighted the island on January 22, 1498.
    • Most children have the name of a saint as part of their name, so many celebrate their saint's day as well as their actual birthday.
    • Every community has a saint's day, and the major seasonal holidays are occasions for family and community feasting.
    • There are four periods of fasting and saint's days in honor of the three hundred Orthodox saints.
    • On the saint's day, the president of the Mari El Republic visited the sacred grove and partook of the food offered by the kart.
    • The saint's day is celebrated by a fiesta that includes a religious ceremony.
    • A range of events are being organised to mark England's patron saint's day including a church service and a banquet at Prittlewell Priory.
    • Through fiestas each locale celebrates its patron saint's day, with lively bands, dancing, drinking, fireworks and, often, a carnival-like atmosphere.
    • Howard Scaife has unveiled ambitious plans to hold a weekend of celebrations of everything English beginning on Saturday, April 19, four days before the official patron saint's day.
    • Maybe it is time to mark our patron saint's day with a holiday, but maybe it is also time to rethink our national holidays completely.
    • I think that each kingdom within the United Kingdom should celebrate their own saint's day.
    • In 2005 the saint's day, April 23rd, falls on a Saturday, and will be marked with associated events and displays in the Abbey grounds throughout the afternoon.
    • In The Old Wives' Tale the obsolete devotional aspect of the wakes, in which lights were carried to the church and a vigil kept through the eve of the saint's day, holds no interest for Bennett or his characters.
    • Since most Hondurans are named for a saint, they celebrate their saint's day as well as, or in place of, their own birthday.
    • Monday, March 17th is St Patrick's Day, when the Irish enthusiastically celebrate their patron saint's day with pints of plain, joined by other fun-loving folk.
    • Other saint's days coincide with seasonal celebrations of pagan origins and incorporate pre-Christian customs into a Christian framework.
    • In European tradition children received various practical gifts, like rice-pudding and sago, on the saint's day.
    • I want to start a campaign to revive the celebration of another saint's day: 22nd August is St Ralph's Day.