Traducción de salaried en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsæl(ə)rid//ˈsaləriːd/


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    salaried staff (que reciben un sueldo mensual, por oposición a los obreros que reciben un jornal, paga semanal etc) empleados masculino
    • to be in salaried employment tener un trabajo remunerado
    • They also did away with commission-motivated salesmen, offering instead advice and guidance from salaried employees operating in the company's own retail network.
    • Hospital doctors are salaried employees of NHS organisations whereas general practitioners operate as independent contractors to the NHS.
    • Payroll software must be able to track the payroll of all of employees, whether salaried or waged, temporary or contract.
    • Just keep in mind that there will be a period of low pay as you work yourself from an hourly playability tester into a full-time salaried employee.
    • The present analyses draw participants from the 2,877 wage and salaried workers.
    • A major division exists between salaried public service employees who have job qualifications and wage-earning public service employees who do not.
    • But Kuron insists he was no different to anyone else working for the East as a salaried employee with pension rights and holiday entitlement and as a result he paid too much tax and is due a refund from the West.
    • The public is identified with the interactions of a working life: salaried employment, business, professions, the give and take of the market, being out in the world.
    • Senior management will have their Spring performance-related pay rises deferred, while salaried staff receive half of their top-up.
    • For hourly employees, the wage gap is $1,100 and among salaried jobs, women make $14,500 less than men.
    • Apprentices receive salaried contracts of up to fifty-two weeks, with benefits, including health insurance.
    • A stream of people queue up from 6.30 pm every weeknight to procure free legal advice offered by volunteers rather than salaried staff.
    • Members of the Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force pay full income tax, like every other salaried employee in Canada, and have done so for at least the last 50 years.
    • The firm claims the system is designed for companies in which employees are on salaried contracts, rather than hourly rates.
    • The white-collar salaried professions, such as public administration and banking, did however, provide the potential for mobility.
    • The bulk of the lay-offs involve nearly 1,500 management and salaried employees whose non-union positions will be cut by January 19.
    • You must complete a form if you are a higher-rate taxpayer, are self-employed or have income from a source other than salaried employment, which was taxed at source.
    • No longer led by volunteers, but rather salaried executives, it started approaching its goals in much the same way a corporation does.
    • Three year-round, salaried employees receive free housing on ranch land and health insurance benefits.
    • Those working by the hour should also enjoy welfare insurance like salaried employees.