Traducción de salt flats en Español:

salt flats

salinas, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    salinas femenino
    • Light can be blinding on the high altitude salt flats, or dense and green in the rainforest.
    • Overnight, the rising of the water table beneath the salt flats meant that large areas - which had previously been usable - became marshy.
    • However, most modern evaporites form in shallow-water marine lagoons or on wide coastal salt flats, and this prompted some geologists to argue that all evaporites were of shallow-water origin.
    • In the early spring, flamingos land on the salt flats while in the autumn, the Cypriots celebrate the harvest of the vines with a wine festival.
    • The water level has receded to expose the entire site, leaving the work as a low white spiral mound embedded in blindingly white salt flats.