Traducción de salve en Español:


bálsamo, n.

Pronunciación /salv//sæv/


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    bálsamo masculino
    ungüento masculino
    • John Arderne was proudest of the remedies he devised for the battlefield and particularly a salve for arrow wounds that he called sang d' amor - in mediaeval French, the blood of love.
    • And as for you, Mr. Monk, I will get you some salve for those cuts.
    • Once the splint was in place, David continued his work and applied the salve he just made on all of the wounds that would require it.
    • Other cuts and bruises were likewise administered a healing salve and from his skin I managed to scrub much of the soil and blood.
    • After he was finished, the woman dressed his sore wounds with a cooling salve.
    • These powerful immune-suppressing salves have become popular for hard-to-treat eczema, a condition characterized by red, itchy, inflamed skin.
    • She could rub salve on his open wounds later, she bandaged a few that were bleeding badly but then covered him in his blankets and stroked his forehead.
    • Quickly I washed the wound clean and applied the salve before once more bandaging his leg.
    • Carlotta put the salve on Pierce's wounds, before joining her brother downstairs in the parlor.
    • Then he deftly smeared some salve on the wound and wrapped it with a new bandage, taping it in place.
    • Rags were boiled for bandages and an assortment of ointments and salves were applied on Erik's skin to promote healing.
    • She got the fire started and prepared some salve to cover his wound.
    • She treated the woman's wound as if it were from an arrow: applying salve, and binding the hole, but it did not help.
    • He looked at Lanfilar, who was helping an Olindu prepare a healing salve for the many battle wounds taken.
    • After I stopped the bleeding I put a root extract and honey salve on it to protect it from infection and promote healing.
    • He took stick-on bandages from the small first aid kit he carried and, rubbing some healing salve over the wounds, covered them with the bandages.
    • He wiped her foot again to clean away the blood, then taking the salve, he covered the wound and wrapped her foot.
    • After using the salve, she began to dress the wound.
    • Numair applied all of the salve for the bleeding that he dared, but Kefari's blood all but refused to fully clot.
    • Calendula helps to heal broken skin, and the oil in the salve creates a protective barrier that prevents mucous membranes from drying out.
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    bálsamo masculino
    a salve to sth un bálsamo para algo
    • Sanctions are a salve for our conscience, not a serious attempt to stop the murders.
    • In this context, the company's famous ‘do no evil’ motto begins to appear like a salve for a guilty conscience.
    • Plath's novel and its melancholy protagonist, whom I would later learn was a thinly veiled version of Plath herself, proved to be the perfect salve for my tortured adolescent mind.
    • So we obsessively analyze this epic Homerian battle, trying to find a moment of heroism, a brief glimpse to help salve our morally guilty wounds.
    • The Northern relief road, creating a link between the A591 and A6 north of Kendal, had been billed as a potential shot in the arm for Kendal's economy and a salve for traffic woes.
    • It may be romantic to search for the salves of society's ills in slow moving rustic surroundings, or among innocent, unspoiled provincials, if such exist, but it is a waste of time.
    • The answer is education - that great universal salve for all of the ills of humankind.
    • MUSIC SOOTHES all, acting as a salve, but for some it is something more.
    • Back in 1990, the city wanted his land for a municipal golf course that was supposedly going to provide a permanent salve for the city's financial problems.
    • Insistent that small-scale peasant properties were the solution to Ireland's economic woes, Mill came to see them as the salve for wounded Irish nationalist sentiments as well.
    • Onisaburo's private counsel was a much-needed salve to soothe his inner turmoil.
    • The airline threw well over a billion bonus miles at them as a salve, and most of them are still flying the ‘friendly’ skies one year later.
    • What a relief, what a salve for my own anxiety, to have a president again who doesn't suffer from existential angst or malaise, or who doesn't show it if he does.
    • Despite the fact that many organizations are now addressing diversity, company initiatives are not strong enough salves for the wounds caused by decades of social inequality in the workplace.
    • Thank God for post-modernism, the salve of the intellectual conscience.
    • If a writer of epic fantasy isn't willing to trust her imagination and her story - is afraid to let it matter - can a salve for the troubles that afflict us still be found in books?
    • Paganism has proven to be the ultimate test of pitting intellect against emotion, and within that framework, it has been the healing salve for a broken spirituality.
    • The win also provided some competitive salve for a US team that earlier in the day failed to qualify anyone for the 100m freestyle semi-finals for the first time in its Olympic history.
    • Yet, no amount of salve could treat my conscience.
    • Pierce admits to using food as a salve for stress, and after the birth of her son four and a half years ago, she gained nearly 70 pounds.

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    to salve one's conscience acallar la voz de su (or mi etc.) conciencia