Traducción de sandlot en Español:


solar utilizado para deportes, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsæn(d)ˌlɑt//ˈsan(d)lɒt/



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    solar utilizado para deportes
    (baseball/team) (before noun) de barrio
    (team/baseball) (before noun) amateur
    • What he does remember is a sandlot baseball game perhaps forty years in the past, particularly the mesmerizing colloquial speech of Coyle's cousin.
    • We also learn that the magnanimity hinted at in the sandlot baseball incident-when he is delighted rather than angered by the solecism spoken by Coyle's cousin-was alive and well in him as a young adult.
    • I was playing sandlot ball in Pasadena when a White Sox scout, spotted me, and, signed me to my first pro contract.
    • Your father's summer vacation may have involved afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a creek.
    • ‘When we were kids, everybody played a lot of sandlot ball,’ said the director of the Babe Ruth Museum.
    • As the son of a semipro athlete who played sandlot baseball and football into his early 40's, he came by that blocky, unbreakable body by way of genetic inheritance.
    • He was known to come home from work at his liquor store, stop off at a nearby field and pitch to both sides of a sandlot game.
    • He grew up playing soccer and sandlot baseball after spending mornings baking bread in his grandfather's bakery.
    • He was pitching for Mike's Diner in Class B sandlot baseball when he was signed by a Boston Red Sox scout, receiving a $500 bonus.
    • Opinions around the league do vary, but there are teams that are enamored with his sandlot football, feel-no-pressure demeanor.
    • Within a year or so, he went from sandlot dreamer to bench warmer to league most valuable player.
    • He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, but grew up in New York City, where he played sandlot baseball.
    • ‘A comedy of errors and unfortunate circumstances,’ he recalled, ‘combined to make a sandlot affair of what should have been the greatest basketball tournament ever.’
    • You can forget the sandlot myth that a batter must ‘break his wrists’ (whatever that means) to determine a swing.
    • The organizers of sandlot ball games are not the only ones with an interest in efficient partitioning.
    • Today, you'll find them with controller in hand, glued to the TV, stealing bases and smacking home runs on the hand-held video version of the old sandlot standby.
    • During the sandlot days of the Depression he kept us supplied with scuffed baseballs, huge scarred bats, and other equipment from the Tigers' surplus.
    • Young Troy hits a homer to win the sandlot game and says his heart belongs to the Dodgers and Ebbets Field.
    • This is a bit like a little league coach claiming he is ‘not enough of a hitter’ to play a game of sandlot ball.
    • These thoughts are not reserved solely for the sandlot candidates but the minor league ones as well.