Traducción de sandstorm en Español:


tormenta de arena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsan(d)stɔːm//ˈsæn(d)ˌstɔrm/


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    tormenta de arena femenino
    • A severe sandstorm driven by strong northerly winds made conditions for the British soldiers in Kuwait truly appalling on the eve of battle.
    • The weather had been particularly awful that summer, inclement to the extreme, and yet, every day we had been determined to brave the driving sandstorms, torrential downpours and icy surf.
    • Moreover, because a camel's third eyelid allows the animal to see while protecting its eyes from desert sandstorms, camels could find their way even in the Northwest's equally blinding snowstorms.
    • Knowing we were near the field, they urged us to return as expediently possible, since a strong sandstorm was approaching.
    • Perhaps ongoing sandstorms in the desert will provide time to reinforce overstretched supply lines (although they are also doing tremendous damage to the equipment of the coalition forces).
    • It's believed 75% of Petra lies under debris from sandstorms and flash floods.
    • The heavy sandstorm and strong winds that engulfed Baghdad on Tuesday ebbed a little in the early morning but resumed by noon, blowing as hard as they had a day earlier.
    • In Minquin province they live with violent sandstorms, drought and a desert encroaching at five to ten meters a year.
    • The most likely date was thought to be next Tuesday or Wednesday when the phases of the moon would help the airforce and soldiers carry out their attacks and the worst of the sandstorms - the desert storms - were over.
    • Traders were settled in the valley formed by this hill and the northeastern slope of the fort, sheltered equally from the summer sandstorms and icy winter winds.
    • Strong winds blow a sandstorm through the camp when suddenly the sound of large artillery rounds is heard about 300 meters away.
    • The storms around Cartland were particularly vicious, creating huge sandstorms in the desert around them and tearing down unprotected and poorly built houses.
    • During sandstorms, sand is sucked into engines, where it wreaks havoc on moving parts, adding years of wear and tear in mere months.
    • The beginning of summer is often heralded by violent sandstorms and scorching winds.
    • Winter winds picked up quickly in the desert causing violent sandstorms every which way.
    • Fast, wind-blown sand produced in sandstorms can be extremely painful on bare skin, which is one reason why airmen must be fully clothed at all times.
    • Dust whipped up from vehicular traffic is comparable to a desert sandstorm.
    • Conditions were variable, to say the least - on one day, 40-knot winds brought rain and electrical storms, and a sandstorm lasted all day.
    • While the forces sweat and toil in the heat and sandstorms of the desert, it is good for them to know things back home are going well.
    • Every breath she took seemed as loud as the thundering wind of a sandstorm in the great Western Desert.