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sandwich course



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    curso durante el cual se alterna el aprendizaje con el trabajo práctico
    • Many schools in India have tried approaches, including sandwich courses, and a one-year full time model.
    • Similarly they will be able to take up work placements which are part of a sandwich course or to undertake internship placements without the need to obtain permission from Work Permits.
    • Hence, we should develop sandwich courses: studies in regular schools alternating (say, weekly) with apprenticeships in the workplace.
    • We would be denying universities the freedom to incentivise industrial, vocational, scientific, technical, engineering and sandwich courses, or foundation degrees, which are vital for the economic future of this country.
    • The four-year sandwich course has been developed with specialised police forces in the area.
    • Back in the early 90s when I was a student in Liverpool, it was required that I do an industrial placement during the third year of my sandwich course.
    • Some universities offer a four-year sandwich course where the third year is spent gaining a teaching qualification.
    • Another route would be to go for a sandwich course when choosing your degree.
    • As the FCO website illustrates, candidates of all racial backgrounds can apply for a one year economic placement, on the condition that they follow a sandwich course.
    • My university degree was a sandwich course - meaning that the third year out of the four year course is spent on an industrial placement.
    • He began his career in cancer research when he spent 12 months on a sandwich course at the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
    • Fareham-born Mr Ekins joined Hampshire County Council as a civil engineering trainee in 1962 and did a sandwich course.
    • You'll likely do either a three-year degree leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science or a four-year sandwich course which includes a year in industry or a year abroad.