Traducción de sappy en Español:


bobo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsæpi//ˈsapi/

adjetivosappier, sappiest


  • 1

    (silly) bobo coloquial
    (sentimental) ñoño coloquial
    • Through the ages, most bands have added strings to sweeten their sappy songs, but Gordon does the opposite by pumping rock to turbo-charge his strings.
    • But even with these problems, the film is cute and fun without being overly sentimental or sappy.
    • In every corny soap opera or sappy movie, the main characters find themselves shacked up in some seedy motel.
    • Of course, he refuses to end things with a clichéd and sappy Hollywood ending.
    • The script, though comical in areas, was much too sentimental and downright sappy for me to voluntarily accept.
    • And let's not forget the sappy sequences of false sentiments and saccharine solace.
    • What was the deal with the bridge and the cars and the old sappy songs?
    • I've always felt some cliche and sappy emotional attachment to music in general.
    • Really, though, there's nothing different about this sappy collection of songs from the last.
    • Aside from some needlessly sappy sentimentality and a cute quirkiness to characters that sometimes seems a little too pat, the film is well written.
    • Despite its grab-life-by-the-horns platitudes and sappy ending, this feel-good debut is a lively read.
    • Even minutes later, I cannot believe I posted this unbelievably predictable, sappy question.
    • Romantic comedy is a genre mainly comprised of sappy, syrupy fare with few risks and fewer surprises.
    • When it was released, many people felt it was sappy and sentimental.
    • Remove the hooks and the energy, and substitute it all with a clichéd, sappy break-up theme, and the results are nothing short of embarrassing.
    • At times there are lush pop songs replete with sappy vocals.
    • I found it to be predictable and sappy and, worse, too long.
    • If you have only the so-called happiness you'll grow to be like all these sappy happy people: mushy and artificial.
    • She realized that all of those sappy love songs filled with clichés were true.
    • Their affinity for Beach Boys-like sentiment is apparent in sappy lyrics and songs titles like My First Kiss.