Traducción de sate en Español:


saciar, v.

Pronunciación /seɪt//seɪt/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (lust/appetite) saciar literario
    to be sated with sth estar ahíto de algo literario
    • The soldier was exhausted, and the meager food failed to sate his gnawing hunger, but he wasn't alone or afraid any longer.
    • Nuts are high in monounsaturated ‘good’ fats and a handful may sate an overzealous appetite.
    • After everyone had sated their hunger, the group all climbed into Kevin's car.
    • Maybe if they gave her something to sate her hunger, she'd finally be silent.
    • When you fuel yourself with foods that your body is craving, make a note of how they've sated your appetite or how you felt after eating them.
    • People suffering from Prader-Willi need half as many calories as normal but have an appetite that cannot be sated, which usually means that they are clinically obese.
    • However, eating nuts helps to sate the appetite, and studies suggest this tends to lead to a reduction in our intake of other foods.
    • It's a wealth of extras that should sate any fan's desire for supplemental material.
    • Successful gladiators are those who not only sate the crowd's desire for blood, but do so in an entertaining fashion.
    • Valerie tossed him the flask of juice, which he drank just as quickly, sating his thirst.
    • He was hungry all the time and nothing could sate his appetite.
    • As always, there's a lot more than multiplex fare to sate your cinematic desires this season.
    • Just a warning for light eaters, the generous portion should be shared by at least two persons as this particular dish will quickly sate your appetite as it is incredibly rich.
    • His hunger was sated for the time being, but he decided to continue browsing.
    • Since he had sated his hunger he found that his senses were even sharper.
    • Two years before, he had begun writing to them, asking for photos, information, anything to sate a schoolboy's appetite for space exploration.
    • The result would sate media appetite for star content while saving the studios huge sums of money.
    • Champagne was ready, along with flowers and a menu designed to sate the finest appetite.
    • My savoury yearnings were sated by now, though the whole Camembert fondu with Chablis and garlic was very tempting.
    • I want some real food; something to sate my hunger and soothe my stomach.