Traducción de satisfied en Español:


satisfecho, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsatɪsfʌɪd//ˈsædəsˌfaɪd/


  • 1

    (expression) satisfecho
    (smile) de satisfacción
    he gave a satisfied chuckle soltó una risita de satisfacción
    • another satisfied customer otro cliente satisfecho
    • (to be) satisfied with sb/sth (estar) satisfecho con algn/algo
    • if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase … si no queda plenamente satisfecho con su compra …
    • you'll have to be satisfied with what you've got tendrás que conformarte con lo que tienes
    • they seem perfectly satisfied just to sit and watch parece que se contentan con sentarse y mirar
    • she's never satisfied nunca se queda contenta / está satisfecha
    • I won't be satisfied until every problem has been solved no me daré por satisfecho hasta que (no) se hayan resuelto todos los problemas
    • Consequently, the garage we worked at had many long standing, satisfied customers and more work than we could cope with.
    • Ray seemed far from satisfied with the answer he had just received.
    • Patrick gave me a satisfied nod, and then changed the subject of our conversation.
    • Get letters from satisfied customers and post them on your site.
    • She seemed quite satisfied and proud of herself for some reason.
    • She studied him several seconds before giving a satisfied nod.
    • Nothing generates great word of mouth like a satisfied customer.
    • Having a satisfied customer tell others how great your business is can reap tremendous rewards.
    • The company also added that they served thousands of satisfied customers every year.
    • He nodded as if satisfied with his answer or perhaps with his work and stacked the remaining papers neatly on the desk.
    • Salesmen love repeat business from satisfied customers, because it's all pay and no work!
    • Snickering, he hid a satisfied smile and nodded in reply.
    • The best way to show your prospective customers what you can do for them is through testimonials from satisfied customers.
    • A satisfied and happy customer will tell two of his or her friends, while a dissatisfied and unhappy customer will tell 10.
    • Mack swallowed the alcohol with a satisfied gulp before nodding.
    • If satisfied with their findings, the family will then consult an astrologer to set a date.
    • With a satisfied nod, I returned to my bed to sleep some more.
    • Many companies regard satisfied customers as their best form of advertising.
    • Don't make a scene, but the hairdresser, owner or manager needs to know you're not a satisfied customer.
    • It's a food that can leave us full, satisfied and happy.