Traducción de saving en Español:


ahorro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈseɪvɪŋ//ˈseɪvɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(accumulation)

      ahorro masculino
      saving is difficult nowadays hoy en día es difícil ahorrar

    • 1.2savings plural

      ahorros masculino
      he lost his life savings perdió los ahorros de toda una vida
      • before noun savings account cuenta de ahorros
      • savings book libreta de ahorros
      • savings ratio tasa de ahorro
      • Look at me: educated, working, with my own money and savings, living in a country overflowing with chances.
      • Since I'm basically carrying my life savings around with me, it can be a bit scary.
      • He put whatever money he had in savings, so that they'd have something to pay for his son's education with.
      • In the meantime she faithfully sets aside money for savings and investments.
      • Fixed-term bonds generally offer a higher return than savings because you have to part with your money for longer.
      • Many watched helplessly as their life savings were flushed down the drain.
      • Previously, if investors wanted to reinvest the bulk of their savings, they were compelled to put the money into an annuity.
      • Pension holders risk losing their life savings if their employer goes bust, the pensions advisory service has warned.
      • With interest rates as low as they are, we're having a hard time trying to make any money on our savings at present.
      • She can have a certain amount of money in savings before she would be disqualified from claiming benefit.
      • So long as you're getting a fair return on your savings I would leave your money where it is.
      • There used to be a rule that you could not get any extra money if your savings were more than £16,000.
      • Folks got more and more greedy, throwing their life savings and retirement money into the market.
      • What is the point of saving money if those savings are not invested more wisely?
      • So organise your savings and make your money work as hard as possible then sit back and watch it grow!
      • Some who have followed this route have lost not only their redundancy money but their life savings.
      • She san use the additional income to prepay her car note, as well as contribute more money toward her savings.
      • I have no income or savings - I borrowed money each month to pay rent and keep my loans in good standing.
      • Many people had put their life savings in their homes and in their businesses.
      • Where else can you spend money, boost your savings, and help fund the national debt all at the same time?

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    ahorro masculino
    savings / a saving of $1,000 a week un ahorro de 1.000 dólares por semana
    • to make savings economizar
    • huge savings on furniture at our winter sale ahorre muchísimo dinero al comprar sus muebles en nuestra liquidación de invierno
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    conservación femenino


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    he's rather boring but he has a saving sense of humor es algo aburrido pero se salva por su sentido del humor


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