Traducción de savour en Español:


nombre & verbo transitivo


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    • I took a quick drink and savored the taste I that I hadn't had in a while.
    • Olsson took a bite, savoring the ham and cheese on wheat.
    • Ignoring the question, he took an obstinate bite of cheese and slowly chewed it, savoring the food with exaggerated relish.
    • Do not gulp down your food; savor each mouthful and chew well before you swallow.
    • He has dinner and actually savors the wine, rather than drinking to get drunk.
    • Their salted and smoked meat was useful to give savour to otherwise stodgy dishes, and was especially important for the poor.
    • What's needed is a flesh whose savour runs deep because its fats are dispersed, in fine grains, throughout the meat.
    • Teach children to chew food more slowly and savour the food.
    • He taps her glass with a ringing clink and starts to drink the champagne, savoring the taste.
    • Those on-board enjoyed the new, lavish dining room, savoring excellent cuisine and first-class service.
    • The notes of nut and marmalade add great savour to rashers and crispy black pudding.
    • It's not just about slow cooking and careful preparation of food, but also about slow eating: to savour the different tastes, to eat carefully, and convivially.
    • Sometimes you get drawn into food and silence falls as each mouthful is savoured.
    • It has the addictive Hebridean savour of a peaty-iodiney island malt.
    • The octopus was tender and tangy, with a savour of the sea.
    • I lifted my beer bottle to my face and drank the frothy goodness, sipping it slowly, savoring the bitter crisp taste.
    • Both routes of feeding were physically unnatural and all I wanted was that exhilarating feeling of smelling, tasting and savouring food in my mouth again.
    • I could have sat there all day, savouring a pasta salad and watching the people coming out.
    • A spoon of wood or plastic leaves the savor intact.
    • Eric walked out from the kitchen and grinned, sitting down and slowly savoring his chocolate pudding.
    • The movement promotes homemade, handmade food, biodiversity, sustainability - and, above all, taking the time to savor good food at the table.
    • Slow down your eating, savor your food, and enjoy sharing life with family and friends.
    • Make sure you savour food - cooking shouldn't be a hassle or a trial.
    • Nothing spoils the savour of a good wine or takes the zing out of a gin and tonic like having it served in a smeary, bleary glass.
    • The holiday season is also a time for me to savor foods I might not have the chance to any other time of the year, so, of course, I must make sure my taste buds remember them long after the holidays are over!
    • Immediately, we devoured our food, savoring the taste.
    • She ate it slowly, savoring each morsel of food that went in her mouth.