Traducción de sawbuck en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsɔbək//ˈsɔːbʌk/



  • 1

  • 2argot

    (ten-dollar bill)
    billete de diez dólares masculino
    diez dólares masculino
    • People paid the roofers a sawbuck to pull it down, as long as they were up there.
    • She's a 9-year-old fashion junkie, and, on this particular Saturday, like most, she's been set loose in the mall with a sawbuck in her hot little hand.
    • A few months ago, I heard a regular at the local coffee shop say, ‘Pretty soon, you'll need a sawbuck to get coffee here.’
    • I don't have an escrow account for taxes because my taxes are ruinously expensive, and I'd prefer to park the money someplace where it can produce a small brood of sawbucks.
    • You donated a whole sawbuck to a cancer charity when they raffled off that car.
    • Owen's drinks come at a cost - a sawbuck each, or whatever the chilling refreshment is worth to the thirsty customers seeking taste options for their palettes.
    • Moreover, I needed a new venue that was only a short walk from a restaurant where you could get a sandwich and a soda and change from a sawbuck.
    • So, for a sawbuck, you can add this to your collection.
    • She started out with ten dollars and after roughly 2 1/2 hours of playing time and lots of winning she had turned that sawbuck into $12,000.
    • She is a sad, lonely career girl whose financial precariousness makes her a highly suggestible young lady who will clearly do almost anything for a sawbuck.
    • First stop: the laughably expensive soap store, where one bar of brick-hard soap goes for a sawbuck.
    • People, we are talking about a couple of sawbucks here.
    • He won't talk about the only thing that appears to have mattered: sawbucks.
    • Because of a desperate economics that I won't try to grapple with here, New York theater is gradually narrowing itself to two sorts of entertainment: the million-dollar musical and the sawbuck monologue.