Traducción de sax en Español:


saxo, n.

Pronunciación /saks//sæks/



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    saxo masculino coloquial
    • The best moments come courtesy of Rinne, whose multitracked ensembles and solos on soprano sax and bass clarinet are always well judged.
    • On the heels of a serpentine bass clarinet solo, the piece ends with sax, trombone, and clarinet wailing against a massive brew of drums, congas, and bass.
    • Most of the focus is on piano and voice, although violin, viola, cello, sax, and flute are also heard - there's no missing Antony's thoughtful words.
    • The song bolts out with an anticipatory, pulsing rhythm under a soprano sax solo.
    • He first came into contact with music aged nine, when he learned to play the alto sax, but it was his encounter with electronic instruments, at the age of twelve, during a summer arts camps, that defined the realm in which he now evolves.
    • Later, when I was a little older, I joined his orchestra, playing alto sax and clarinet.
    • This leads to a nice soprano sax solo, and the tune is well within the domain of standard fusion.
    • Though Underhill admits his band of three saxes, a crazy bassist, and a dancing drummer is getting on in years, he claims they've still got that old verve.
    • The sax and swung ride cymbal suggest sexuality, but the lyrics never make it explicit.
    • Squealing keyboard lines duel with harsh sax solos, but it's the drumming that ultimately comes up victorious.
    • The track is partially redeemed by another great sax solo, but otherwise seems very much out-of-place and closes the album on a sour note.
    • A muted, tinkling presence throughout, the piano is accompanied by the voices of melancholy oboe and sax.
    • I'm always a sucker for a good horn section, so the trombone, trumpet and sax were a welcome sight and sound.
    • There's a stunning, uncredited sax solo and a quirky contrapuntal bit for the trombones.
    • Curiously, he includes three thick multi-tracked saxophone pieces on this album seemingly dedicated to a magnification of the sax's more minute phenomenon and to the distinctive solo voice.
    • One of my favorite sax solos on the record was cut live that way.
    • His exquisite phrasing is heard frequently on 16-or 32-bar alto sax solos, and occasionally on trumpet and clarinet.
    • On some tracks he has his friends lay very minimal flute, sax or guitar lines.
    • Similarly, Tom on trumpet & flugelhorn, and Carlos on alto sax, are used for coloration far more often that they are given the spotlight.
    • Over the years, he has become adept on alto and soprano saxes, value trombone, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, cornet, and various clarinets.
    • But they stipulated that there were to be no drums or even electronic simulations of drums, and no trumpets, although French horns, soprano saxes and electric violins were perfectly okay.
    • One of the tenor saxes also played the lead in unison with the clarinet, but an octave lower.