Traducción de scalable en Español:


escalable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈskeɪləb(ə)l//ˈskeɪləbəl/



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    • Suddenly there's a real motive toward making that wireless access point a platform, with a modular, scalable, PC operating system.
    • You get there by combining robust scalable PC applications with Internet connectivity and WiFi.
    • Demand for low-cost, flexible and scalable optical networking systems which can be adapted to fit into existing telecoms infrastructure has been high since the mid-1990s internet explosion.
    • Another processor, with scalable memory bandwidth, runs more EDA simulation projects without even affecting the first.
    • However, the rapid increase in the number of internet users combined with the expected growth in the number of wireless internet devices requires a scalable and flexible IP technology to accommodate such fast growth.
    • It consists of kernel-level, adaptive resource sharing algorithms that are geared for high performance, overhead free scalability and ease of use of a scalable computing cluster.
    • The system adopted by banks should be robust, scalable and upgradable, he added.
    • A scalable software system is, in brief, one that can easily expand to handle more transactions or other sorts of throughput.
    • These are also euphemistically called scalable parallel, massively parallel, or cluster computers.
    • This unique technology application will produce an advanced scalable platform designed to meet an extraordinary range of storage requirements.
    • Upon successful completion of the patch testing, we develop our deployment notification to customers and then launch the patches via scalable automated processes.
    • They make probably the finest user-friendly enterprise scalable office software in the world.
    • The software is scalable to allow really large clusters to be built, and is easy to configure.
    • Since then, we've seen the rise of internet-based applications and thin commodity servers, and a whole new model of open, scalable, distributed computing built upon Linux.
    • There is no better example of a scalable infrastructure than the Internet.
    • In that time, a variety of advances made by the Linux development community and system vendors has enabled a whole new class of scalable computers running Linux.
    • Another is that Linux is highly scalable, modular and flexible - which makes it well-suited to the extreme diversity of embedded systems.
    • Additionally, it is designed for scalable parallel processing.
    • We knew we had to create a scalable, systematic process to ensure we maintained our accuracy in revenue recognition.
    • Its scalable design allows the game to run on a low end video card without trouble, but at the sacrifice of visual quality.