Traducción de scalp en Español:


cuero cabelludo, n.

Pronunciación /skælp//skalp/


  • 1

    cuero cabelludo masculino
    • Brush her scalp thoroughly but gently, working out from the scalp to the ends of the hair.
    • The base should actually lay on the scalp and should not be spread or rubbed into the skin or scalp.
    • Dandruff of the scalp and flaking skin in the auditory canals are also common.
    • Not only will you walk away with clean and clear skin and a massaged scalp, but you'll also learn proper shaving techniques.
    • His brown shoulder length hair was thinning at the scalp and his skin seemed pale and sickly in garish torchlight.
    • Ringworm isn't a worm, but a fungal infection of the scalp or skin that got its name from the ring or series of rings that it can produce.
    • The energy prickled across my skin, and by the funny feelings on my scalp, I was sure my hair was standing on end.
    • Have the temperature changes made your skin itchy and your scalp dry?
    • All the hairs on her arms stood straight out from her skin and her scalp tingled.
    • The natural process of sloughing off old skin cells on the scalp and manufacturing replacements is usually very orderly and complete.
    • But your scalp needs to be cared for just like the skin on the rest of your body.
    • It's normal for your scalp's skin cells to grow old, die and shed.
    • Sometimes, this fungus can cause our scalps to shed skin cells too quickly.
    • Medically speaking, it is a condition where the skin cells on the scalp go into over drive and are produced in excess, which gives rise to irritation and itching.
    • Its natural foaming quality also makes it a gentle, moisturizing cleanser for skin, scalp and hair.
    • Using his fingertips to tickle my skin and massage my scalp, he opened up my playful side within a few minutes.
    • On examination we observed a healthy man with no other burns of the skin of the scalp, face or neck.
    • This is probably something to do with us having two to three thousand nerve endings in our scalp crying out for stimulation.
    • Dandruff is characterised by small, loose flakes of dead skin on the scalp or trapped in the hair.
    • On physical examination, no clinically atypical or suspicious nevi were observed on the skin or scalp.
  • 2

    (as trophy)
    cabellera femenino
    to be after sb's scalp ir a por algn España
    • The payment for Indian scalps, including the scalps of Indian children, was written in the laws of Massachusetts.
    • Young Pawnee warriors proudly stole horses and scalps from their enemies, the Sioux.
    • The differences between what happened at Fort William Henry and at Niagara need not be seen as evolutionary; the aftermath of battle had yielded many scalps and prisoners for the Iroquois at Niagara.
    • After the Indians killed soldiers, they would take their scalps as trophies.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to scalp sb arrancarle la cabellera a algn
    • I'll scalp him! ¡lo voy a matar!
    • Jesse James, who used to scalp his victims, seems to prove the point.
    • Incredibly, the killer appears to be emulating an American Indian warrior, scalping his victims, after murdering them with an axe.
    • Historians Hippocrates and Herodotus thought that the Amazons had to fight until they had scalped three enemies before they were permitted to mate.
    • Where almost all the bodies of the Cavalry soldiers had been scalped the bodies of Keogh and Custer were not harmed apart from their battle wounds.
    • Many of the hapless victims were mutilated; some were scalped, young men were castrated and some bodies were carved with the sign of the cross.
    • This squares with the team song, which goes on about scalping the enemy and other warrior skills, befitting for a game of violence, which football clearly is (I speak as a fan).
  • 2coloquial

    (stocks/tickets/securities) (a precio inflado) revender
    • I would like feedback on this new project I'm working on though, without posting it preferably, because I have a feeling I'd be scalped for starting something new when I'm working on this.
    • Bobby began his working life scalping tickets to Boston Celtics games and ended up buying the hallowed parquet floor of the Boston Garden before it was torn down.
    • Last spring, fans scalped tickets at Boston-New York spring training games!
    • The Chicago Cubs scalp their own tickets (and apparently it's legal).
    • He carefully moved aside papers; he knew if he messed up his mother's work she'd scalp him.
    • He said this process to access tickets is normal for international games for all World Cups - be they cricket or football - so that all fans have an opportunity to access tickets and to avoid scalping.
    • People have been scalping tickets for her shows at Carnegie Hall - now that is hitting the big time for the pianist-singer from Nanaimo!
    • We scalped two tickets and had a decent hummus dinner for about $20 each.
    • Kara told me to suck it up and go and scalp your ticket.
    • Tickets were being scalped for $200, and commemorative pins were sold to mark the occasion.