Traducción de scan en Español:


escudriñar, v.

Pronunciación /skæn//skan/

verbo transitivoscanned, scanning

  • 1

    • 1.1(examine)

      (horizon) escudriñar literario
      (horizon) otear
      (horizon) escrutar literario
      (paper/report) leer rápidamente
      (paper/report) echarle un vistazo a
      he scanned the crowd looking for her la buscó con la mirada entre la gente
      • the officers scanned the faces of the passengers los agentes estudiaban los rostros de los pasajeros
      • Oblivious, Sam paused to quickly scan the print-outs and spiky, almost illegible handwritten notes strewn around the room.
      • Instead, he saw the men walking calmly, saw them carefully scanning the terrain ahead of them, muskets ready to fire.
      • You spend most of your time scanning boats through binoculars, searching out design faults and lapses in taste.
      • Ellie rolled her eyes, unfolding her paper and scanning the headlines.
      • The judge scanned through the papers, and then handed them back to the lawyer.
      • He quickly scanned the page and found what he was looking for.
      • So he slowly opened the new book, his eyes quickly scanning the page.
      • As we make our way to bed, we watch our backs, scanning our surroundings for heretofore unnoticed surveillance.
      • I release her and hold her at arms length, carefully scanning her face, which is expressionless.
      • Ever get to a Web page that has a lot of text on it, and quickly scanning the page doesn't immediately produce what you're looking for?
      • Octavia watched carefully as Gia scanned the room searching for the source of the problem.
      • Clara watched the four birds carefully, then scanned the yard.
      • His stare was more focused and he scanned the room carefully.
      • The technician looked over it thoroughly, scanning the entire page twice.
      • I walked down the sidewalk carefully, alert and scanning the area with each step.
      • Claudia slipped the order from his hand and unrolled it, her eyes scanning the document quickly.
      • Growling irritably to himself, he quickly scanned through a few pages of the history tomes and documents but they proved to be dry streams.
      • Tom frowned, pulled out a powerful pair of binoculars, and scanned the field of view.
      • They began scanning the area carefully, taking in every detail and watching for the slightest movement.
      • After ordering a few drinks from the bar we quickly scanned the menu.
      • The pages fell lightly open and Warren quickly scanned through them.
      • She scanned through it quickly before reaching the point that she had been looking for.
      • He tilted his head slightly, scanning his surroundings carefully.
      • He scanned through the words quickly, his eyes widening as they took in the message.
      • The dwarf was bent over, carefully scanning the ground.
      • He looked over at the old notebook and flipped through the pages nonchalantly, eyes scanning each page quickly as though they contained some secret.
      • One again she got out her binoculars and began scanning the beach.
      • She carefully scanned the area, searching for anything resembling a ventilation shaft.
      • The nurse scanned through the information on her computer and pursed her lips as she read the list of patients.
      • From our vantage point, we could see men walking the streets, men on top of buildings, scanning the area with binoculars.
      • Only the tourist police, sitting inscrutably astride their camels and scanning the scene through binoculars, seem to act as a deterrent.
      • Amy took the paper from Ruth, scanning the first page.
      • A policeman scanned the protest through binoculars, but didn't try to stop it.
      • Matthew's eyes studied me carefully, scanning my face.
      • She laughed and reached down to pick it up, her eyes quickly scanning the page.
      • Rick impatiently checked his watch and scanned the whole resort and the parking lot.
      • Columns, marble, balance, colonnades, the girl thought, as she scanned through her paper.
      • She straightened out the folded papers and scanned the letter.
      • Thelma stayed in the stern, scanning the iceberg with binoculars, as we motored away.
      • He was up a lot earlier that morning, quickly scanning the newspaper as he drank some coffee in the kitchen.

    • 1.2(glance over)

      (newspaper/noticeboard) recorrer con la vista

  • 2

    • 2.1Medicina

      (body/brain) hacer un escáner de
      (body/brain) hacer un scanner de
      (body/brain) (with ultrasound scanner) hacer una ecografía de
      (radar/sonar/body/brain) explorar
      • Researchers looking into the problem have told Scotland on Sunday that metal detectors might have to be used to scan bodies before they are cast into the flames.
      • The procedure is likely to take at least one hour, depending on which part of the body is being scanned.
      • Pregnant women can be scanned, although preferably not in the first trimester.
      • The researchers scanned the same 13 healthy children and teens every two years as they grew up, for 10 years.
      • The stand-alone equipment is much like a metal detector in an airport: it scans the entire body.
      • By using more than one lens when it scans surfaces, the imager divides the spectrum of visible light into four sections.
      • Nowadays the x-ray tube rotates around the person and scans the body.
      • Desktops and other immediately visible surfaces were scanned for errant spoons.
      • While their brain activity was being scanned, subjects performed an emotion matching task known to activate the amygdala.
      • We do have a very accurate way of diagnosing aneurysms, ultrasound scanning, so why aren't we scanning everyone?
      • DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) uses a very low-dose X-ray to scan your body.
      • Another one said, ‘We can scan the body completely and find moles that may not be visible to the naked eye.’
      • The two of them made their way to a smaller tunnel that scanned their bodies as they walked through it, a red beam of light passing up and down their bodies.
      • The latest on test is a handheld device that scans the surface temperature from the forehead to the temple and takes the high point as the temperature over the temporal artery.
      • At Singapore's Changi International Airport it has been adapted for use in the war on SARS, to scan human bodies for high temperatures.
      • The MRI scans the body without using radiation and can show the difference between a tumour and a cyst or abscess without the need for invasive surgery.
      • He scanned her body further and found that the device was in the pocket of her jacket.
      • How you prepare for a CT exam depends on which part of your body is being scanned.
      • The radar scans the ground on each side of the aircraft as the aircraft flies over the area of operations.
      • You were scanned for any electronics when you came groundside.

    • 2.2Literatura

      • By the end of the term, several students still could not scan a basic line or write in metre.
      • The lyrics didn't always scan, but they always seemed to make sense.
      • I thought it a bit pompous, myself, and the third verse doesn't scan at all, but it's not so bad a song as all that.
      • Whatever you tried to do, there was a bar that didn't scan, a couplet that you just couldn't find a rhyme for.
      • If a collection of phrases, no matter how beautiful and profound, do not rhyme or scan, then what apart from their layout on the page distinguishes them from prose?

    • 2.3Informática

      (document/page) escanear
      • Documents are scanned into the system then the document imaging system stores them somewhere on a hard drive or optical disk.
      • Today, a picture can be scanned into a computer and sent around the world within minutes.
      • When the pictures get developed, I'm pleading for Bri's mom scan me that picture with her and Josh.
      • First, a photograph, whether print or slide, is scanned into a digital image file.
      • Even those poor photos from by-gone years can be scanned and manipulated.
      • These photos are scanned into a computer and turned into the shadowy cutout figures that will appear suspended in the colored fields.
      • For those without the magazine, I have scanned the pictures here for you.
      • Rather, they are cutting, pasting or scanning pictures that others have taken.
      • Once the painting has been scanned, a technician works to make the color of the reproduction come as close as possible to the actual painting.
      • The documents were eventually scanned into a computer for cross-referencing.
      • There is software available that allows home owners to scan in a picture of their home and then try out different colors without making an actual commitment.
      • The cartoons I prepare today are still hand drawn, but are scanned into my computer.
      • At Yumeta, pencil sketches are scanned into a computer, then a technician adds color digitally.
      • Four years ago he began scanning some of his paintings, just to create an archival record.
      • It can cut hours off the time required for a missing person search by allowing family photos to be scanned and transmitted from a family home and flashed within seconds to hundreds of officers.
      • He scanned the picture of a monkey from an antique biology sketchbook and digitally manipulated it with other graphic elements.
      • The drawing is scanned into a computer in order to digitise the data contained in the drawing.
      • Pictures can be scanned and originals returned if people considering donating such items wish to retain such photographs.
      • To the surprise of everyone, two high quality colour photographs had been scanned and delivered in floppies for publication.
      • I had to scan the Latermore pictures before tomorrow but all I had on my mind was Daniel.

verbo intransitivoscanned, scanning


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    how does this line scan? ¿cómo se mide este verso?
    • his poetry doesn't scan su poesía no se atiene a las reglas de la métrica


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    escáner masculino
    scanner masculino
    escanograma masculino
    (ultrasound) ecografía femenino
    • A nuclear bone scan and magnetic resonance imaging of the spine confirmed compression fractures of those two vertebra.
    • Other possible tests include bone and ultrasound scans.
    • According to Dennis Elliott, marketing director at Kolibri Art Studio, a technician first makes a digital scan of the image to be reproduced.
    • Occasionally, a blood test, bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging exam also may be necessary.
    • Routine surveillance using bone scans, chest radiographs, and blood tests for tumor markers is not recommended.
    • However, the fMRI scans revealed different brain activation patterns between the two groups.
    • Confirmation of a stress fracture is best made using triple phase nuclear medicine bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging.
    • If it is not robust, then any observed correlation with apparent abnormal brain scans is medically meaningless.
    • The diagnosis can be confirmed with a bone scan, and treatment consists of intravenous antibiotics and surgical drainage.
    • Films that were not interpreted by emergency physicians, such as specialised scans, ultrasound scans, and intravenous pyelogram studies, were not included in the data.
    • An MRI scan of the brain demonstrated cerebellar atrophy.
    • Repeat films are usually required, and a bone scan or magnetic resonance imaging if there is doubt.
    • Other tests that can help us include a head scan, a thorough medical and family history, and a physical exam.
    • He had seen his family doctor, osteopaths, orthopaedic surgeons, and physiotherapists, had many scans, tried many medications, collars, and even considered suicide.
    • Do see a neurologist for a complete check-up including a CT scan of the brain, as a headache is also a symptom of more serious brain disorders.
    • Ultrasound scans of the brains of all of our patients were normal, and so was cranial computed tomography in two and magnetic resonance imaging in one.
    • It was some days before the medical staff arranged a scan, only to discover that the inmate had been carrying twins and had lost only one.
    • So after one radiograph, one ultrasound, two scans, and many blood tests, we finally send her home with a diagnosis of… pain.
    • We redetermine the role of symptoms and serum concentrations in detecting bony metastases in lung cancer and reassess the accuracy of bone scans for screening.
    • Early diagnosis, including a brain scan, and treatment in a specialist hospital based stroke unit have been shown to be effective in improving outcomes.
    • All radiographs and bone scans were interpreted by staff who were unaware of treatment allocation.
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    Informática Militar Astronomía
    exploración femenino