Traducción de scandal en Español:


escándalo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskændl//ˈskand(ə)l/


  • 1

    escándalo masculino
    to cause a scandal provocar un escándalo
    • the state of the roads is an absolute scandal el estado de las carreteras es verdaderamente escandaloso / es un verdadero escándalo
    • it's a scandal that … (+ subj) es un escándalo / una vergüenza que …
    • Without a proper home to raise a child, parents, a husband or even a secure job, this young girl faced shame and scandal living with a relative who at times seemed more like tyrant than a disciplinarian.
    • It was nothing like that, of course, but it was worth the kick in the shin he got from Tori to see the mixed expression of disgust, disbelief, outrage and scandal on Teague's face - at one and the same time.
    • Watching celebrity lives is almost exactly like watching soap operas, and in a sphere where scandal is a weekly event, a gay drug binge gone wrong is hardly worthy of note.
    • He must have shamed them terribly, not only causing scandal, but also in breaking a contract with another family.
    • These are speculations that stem from our knowledge of a more familiar side of scandal: lies, deceit and indignity.
    • It is their responsibility to present a stage-managed event that is free from scandal.
    • They don't want to talk about the issues so they try to talk about scandal and events that are now years old.
  • 2

    chismorreo masculino
    I've got a juicy bit of scandal for you te traigo un chisme jugoso
    • she's always up on the latest scandal siempre está al día con el último chisme
    • Rasputin's unpopularity and her refusal to curb his increasingly degenerate behavior led to enormous scandal and vicious rumours.
    • With juicy gossip and scandal about the rich and famous in Taiwan, the magazine took the country by storm, selling out in hours.
    • In retirement in Tiverton, Cowley became more and more concerned about her own reputation for respectability, and she worked hard to make sure that no breath of scandal hung over her life.
    • The Bill carries local humour, scandal and gossip from the past year.
    • As the awards ceremony approaches, there is always scandal and gossip.
    • Now she's an object of pity and scandal in Sydney society, and she spills her feelings and facts to another cabined, cribbed and confined captive, her ex-teacher Miss Adie.
    • The reader with an eye for colourful detail and elegant prose, not to mention for racy scandal and rumour, will no doubt forgive the book's shortcomings.
    • Oscar Wilde wrote that scandal is gossip made tedious by morality, and similarly witchcraft was magic made sinister by Christianity.
    • There was talk of the weather, the crops, some gossip and scandal, some hunting and fishing news.
    • Le Figaro was launched in 1854 as a weekly review of society gossip and scandal, ‘to recount Paris to Paris’.
    • Summer was a major flirt who thrived on scandal and gossip, and she was the type of self-proclaimed daredevil who'd try anything once.
    • Despite all of the shame, scandal and fraud surrounding the history of the conversion movement, to this day ex-gay ministries are still a very real faction of society.
    • Few estates have a history as colourful as Mourne Park in Co Down, where gossip and scandal have been par for the course over the centuries.
    • They were a rich and important family, you see, and they couldn't stand to see any shame which could bring scandal for them.
    • In 1810 he survived a frenzied attack by his valet, though scandal insisted that Cumberland had been the aggressor.
    • Again, like today's, its doings were chronicled by an irreverent, iconoclastic press eager for celebrity gossip and social scandal.
    • I take my seat at the convivial bar in the Queen's Grill Lounge and become enthralled by the idiosyncrasies of my ship-mates as they are narrated by that font of scandal and gossip, the bartender.
    • Merry points out the role of gossip and scandal in social control, especially in bounded social systems where interdependence and ostracism costs are higher.
    • How far are we complicit in the corruption of current affairs by our own viewing habits, by our love of gossip and scandal?
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