Traducción de scansion en Español:


análisis métrico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskænʃən//ˈskanʃ(ə)n/


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    análisis métrico masculino
    escansión femenino
    • But I'm not sure that I take your point about the equivalence of Japanese and English syllables in scansion.
    • Very few children, for example, are now familiar with nursery rhymes, which not only fuel the imagination but form an introduction to scansion, rhythm and interesting vocabulary.
    • It is a commentary on our times, that to us it seems if not odd, then certainly unexpected that a warrior and statesman should devote his attention to intricate questions of scansion and metrics.
    • This kind of annotation of the rhythmic structure of a verse is called scansion, and the basic rhythmic pattern of a poem (if it has one) is called its meter.
    • Using conventional scansion the lines would scan.
    • Some of the entries failed to make the grade because their authors apparently didn't understand the scansion required.
    • After a brisk run-through of key terms - they include scansion, rhyme, caesura, verse - he proceeds to a series of Shakespearean speeches for analysis, which form the main section here.