Traducción de scarecrow en Español:


espantapájaros, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɛrˌkroʊ//ˈskɛːkrəʊ/


  • 1

    espantapájaros masculino
    (person) espantajo masculino coloquial
    • There is a voyeuristic car crash quality in Baker's deterioration from being the ‘James Dean of Jazz’ to the junkie scarecrow of his latter years.
    • He stood about a foot taller than AJ, and was just now out of the ‘tall and lanky’ stage, his shoulders and chest were finally beginning to fill out the formerly scarecrow frame.
    • It turns out Emeraldas is already there, silently having a drink, and everyone is struck with awe when she pulls back her cloak and they see her scarecrow thin scarred self.
    • Sofia now resembled something of a scarecrow, the hems of her dress were muddy and torn, her hat half on half off, and big smudges of coal streaked her cheek.
    • ‘Scott had written the character as a walking scarecrow,’ he says at the Film Festival.
    • The slightly upbeat, boyish, scarecrow image also appeals, effortlessly like the sort of icon from yesteryear so beloved by today's rock musicians.
    • He was extremely tall, but he couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds beneath all the dirt, a shambling scarecrow of drooping skin and rags.
    • This will not prevent their ‘discovery’ after the event, but few any longer attach much importance to this tattered scarecrow.
    • Out of the bustle appeared a painfully thin little six, or seven-year-old scarecrow, arms no thicker than sticks.
    • Maury doffed his fedora and ran a hand through his scarecrow hair and told me that he had lived in terror as a boy because his father was a drunk.
    • The scarecrow man approached my shiny glass prison, and attempted to speak.