Traducción de scarify en Español:


escarificar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈskɛːrɪfʌɪ//ˈskarɪfʌɪ//ˈskɛrəˌfaɪ/

verbo transitivoscarifies, scarifying, scarified

  • 1

    • On a dry day, scarify the lawn to remove unwanted thatch and then aerate and top-dress any badly drained areas.
    • Avoid scarifying lawns with live moss in them as it will cause the problem to spread.
    • After the lawn is mended, it can be scarified to remove debris and thatch, which is a layer of material that builds up on the surface of the soil.
    • It's a good time to scarify lawns and remove the dead grass called thatch.
    • Continue to scarify lawns with a wire-tined lawn rake.
    • Thatch removal is done by scarifying the grass.
    • It is a good idea to scarify the lawn and remove any thatch, as it restricts air movement, impedes drainage and encourages the formation of moss and weeds.