Traducción de schematic en Español:


esquemático, adj.

Pronunciación /skiˈmædɪk//skiːˈmatɪk//skɪˈmatɪk/


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    • The spiral decorations, individually and in pairs joined by a loop, and the schematic lizard on the opposite side of the bell, suggest a Cross River origin.
    • The designs are quite schematic, even crude in their style of representation, and it is not always easy to decipher them.
    • I walk in and am amazed to see a nice interior with a schematic diagram for the place.
    • Additional details on this method and a schematic representation of the experimental protocol are available in the online supplement.
    • The schematic map system is claimed to help the tourist to reach even the most remote destinations in the country and enjoy the place without the help of a local guide.
    • The system can be used to display schematic diagrams of the aircraft's principal sub-systems.
    • The Chinese government required that ground be broken after two months of schematic design, intensifying the need for speed and precision.
    • This is a relatively schematic presentation of the three levels, and in practice they are not neatly separated.
    • The schematic diagrams explaining the principles of complex pieces of equipment are impressively clear.
    • On the reverse side of the box you can actually see a detailed schematic representation of the air flow inside the system case when the cooler is installed.
    • I don't want to suggest that your music is schematic, but I'm wondering if this reflects a compositional practice for you, the notion of setting up a situation of imbalance and composing out the asymmetry.
    • Here is the first verse - this is just a schematic presentation of exactly the information provided by the musical notation above.
    • Using a schematic drawing or developing a conceptual framework is another strategy that may be used to facilitate reporting the findings.
    • This does not exclude the possibility of a schematic representation which captures the commonality of the various uses.
    • A second later, an image of a schematic diagram appeared.
    • Figure 3 is a schematic illustration of the suggested mechanisms responsible for eliciting an immune response resulting in acquired hemophilia.
    • Figure 5 presents, in schematic form, the processes involved in encoding and retrieval of a list containing words drawn from several semantic categories.
    • Landscape after War presents a schematic mountain range and seascape elegantly integrated into a flat brown, green and gray field.
    • Even in his later work, when a human presence enters it is either grotesque, so schematic as to be without mood, or troubled.
    • If one reviews the technical specification and schematic diagrams of the basic tape drive and media technology, he'll find that tape uses the best of the magnetic storage technologies.