Traducción de schemer en Español:


intrigante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskimər//ˈskiːmə/


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    intrigante masculino
    • As a Marxist, I try desperately not to fall into the ‘conspiracy’ trap; history is made by massive social forces, not by plotting schemers or ahistorical supermen.
    • Macbeth is a schemer and plotter who is eventually undone by his own misdeeds.
    • Prospero mildly rebuked all the schemers of evil.
    • Here he encounters all manner of dreamers, schemers, and conspiracy theorists.
    • At the end, I was left more astonished and impressed than ever by the feats of the postpunk adventurers - these strivers and visionaries, schemers and dreamers.
    • But pre-Mean Steets days, Runyon's stories of small-time gamblers, wise guys and schemers were classics of warmth and humour - which is why they lent themselves to musicals such as Guys and Dolls.
    • The two schemers fall for each other but there's a lot of revenge-fuelled chicanery before love wins through.
    • But, for Homer, there is a calculated pun on words too, because his hero is a cunning schemer.
    • Whether they are hotheads or cool schemers, their intransigent speeches act as balm to their audience's wounds.
    • ‘Let the plotters plot all they want, for God is still the best of schemers,’ he said.
    • He would also welcome any plotters and schemers who wish to hatch revolutionary plans in the quiet room upstairs.
    • We tend to view politicians either as Machiavellian schemers or as dolts.
    • Well, 35 years ago today, NASA gave the world's dreamers and schemers a ready-made rationale for anything.
    • But where is the evidence to suggest that it will be any different this time, that the families of these privileged political schemers won't duck the draft just as they've always done in the past?
    • A gentleman, however, had the presence of mind to stand beside the till, and though all was confusion, the schemers were thwarted.
    • His crew chief is an untrustworthy schemer who hates teammate Hank for stealing his girlfriend.
    • It's up to Bob Hope to rat out the schemers to the FBI.
    • According to police sources, last year one man claimed to have been swindled out of US $200,000 by similar schemers.
    • Wodehouse remained completely aloof from the tumult of the world, unable to comprehend the cads, schemers and plotters.
    • The picture could be a physiognomical paradigm of a conspirator, a machinator, a schemer, a Machiavel.