Traducción de scherzo en Español:


scherzo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskɛrtsoʊ//ˈskɛːtsəʊ/

nombrePlural scherzos, Plural scherzi

  • 1

    scherzo masculino
    • The symphony takes the idea through a more classically-oriented structure: an opening allegro, a slow movement, a scherzo, and a dead-march finale.
    • The trio's third movement is a scherzo, full of fleeting and magical tunes very reminiscent of the Midsummer's Night Dream overture, a piece that Mendelssohn wrote when he was just 17.
    • Often, at pedagogy conferences, we witness prodigiously talented fourteen-year-olds taking a master lesson in huge pieces like Prokofiev sonatas or Chopin scherzos.
    • On the other hand, I tend to judge on the basis of the opening movement and the slow one, rather than of the scherzo and the choral finale.
    • Allusion to the trio, as in some of Beethoven's symphonic scherzos, briefly turns up in the coda.