Traducción de sconce en Español:


aplique, n.

Pronunciación /skɒns//skɑns/


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    aplique masculino
    apliqué masculino
    • The bronze sconces that lined the walls gleamed, furnished with fresh candles, and the side-tables beneath them smelled pleasingly of beeswax.
    • Pillar candles in wall sconces faintly illuminate the small dining room, which is dark by day and night.
    • Only if you're installing wall sconces, or recessed overhead lights, will you need to do electrical work in a room to change the lighting.
    • Oil lamps burned in sconces along the walls, lighting the companions' way.
    • From $3 water glasses to $1,200 ice buckets and designer sconces set into the walls, the folks like the stuff so much that they just had to take it home with them.
    • Black candles flickered in sconces on the walls and by the trencher.
    • The sconces on the walls varied - they were both on display and currently in use.
    • No corner of the room had been neglected - even the wooden torches burning in the wall sconces had been carved with intricate flowers and leaves.
    • She held her sword firmly in her hand, the elven blade gleaming in the firelight the radiated off of the torches that were in the sconces along the wall.
    • Thread the fabric through the wreath and let it fall lightly across each lighting sconce.
    • The door was in a darker part of the corridor that led down to their rooms on the upper floor and Edmund took a candle from one of the wall sconces, lighting it and holding it steady by the ornate lock plate.
    • In the wide corridor, the candles guttered in the sconces on the wall.
    • The Revivalist home styles of the 1920s brought a craze for wall sconces - another gaslight derivative - but the fashion had largely died out by the end of that decade.
    • They resemble cone-like wall sconces, and the colorful abstract shapes covering their surfaces appear to glow like stained glass windows.
    • This show lounge has such Art Deco-style touches as stylized, elongated female figures on the curtain, typical wall sconces, and skyscrapers in a sunburst pattern on the ceiling.
    • She deftly detached a lantern off a nearby sconce on the wall.
    • There was a small bookshelf against one wall and some lovely wall sconces.
    • Or wall sconces, but that would, again, involve hiring an electrician to install them.
    • Fakes are currently thought to be made in Spain and Italy, and include copies of wall sconces, alms dishes, ladles, candle moulds and other popular and valuable forms.
    • Sound is presented in a simple Dolby Digital 2.0 mix and will not rattle sconces from your walls or make the neighbors head for the hills.