Traducción de scout en Español:


explorador, n.

Pronunciación /skaʊt//skaʊt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person) explorador masculino
      (person) exploradora femenino
      (person) escucha femenino
      (unit) patrulla de reconocimiento femenino
      (unit) avanzada femenino
      (vehicle) vehículo de reconocimiento masculino
      • Many Native soldiers were used as reconnaissance scouts and snipers and were very effective at their craft and won much acclaim for their deeds.
      • The Germans had developed some new techniques - one of which was to have several layers of scouts flying in close formation, one on top of another.
      • They were to get behind enemy lines and act as scouts and gather intelligence to feed back to British military headquarters.
      • As the soldiers leapt from the boats, Rhia watched them move quickly up the beach, taking up position, sending advance scouts.
      • Four days had passed before Lord Light ordered his force to a halt, and sent scouts out ahead to find the disposition of the bridge.
      • Advance scouts rode ahead into the darkness, but the enemy seemed to have withdrawn.
      • Of course, that suggestion had been shot down faster than a Spectral scout.
      • Because they have night vision capabilities, the snipers can track and engage several enemy scouts during training.
      • In response, he began sending his advance scouts further afield as they drew closer to the enemy.
      • The surviving M3 tank, along with the scouts, began movement back to the main body of the 45th Infantry.
      • Just then, the scouts he had sent ahead, came running back.
      • Then, Spetnaz troops and scouts were sent ahead of the armor to eliminate RPG-armed snipers.
      • The insignia depicted the head of an Indian scout wearing a helmet peering through a cloud, signifying the squadron's role as an aerial scout for the Army.
      • It can direct close air support missions, act as a killer scout on the battlefield and help protect friendly troops.
      • There are thirty fighters, two scouts, ten bombers, and three long range fighters.
      • Some units deploy their scouts forward, while others do not.
      • A scout ahead of the main group gave Seth the final signal that the men were ready to detonate the charges, by reflecting the sun in a piece of glass.
      • Now we have sent one of the village's best scouts to gather further information, so that our village will be prepared for an attack.
      • With both reconnaissance scouts dead, Theorton grabbed the assault rifle of one and ducked behind the nearest boulder in sight.
      • Gadi sent ahead five scouts and they all came back with reports.
      • The scouts gathered the information they wanted without any excitement, just like the first trip, and turned onto a road that would take them out of town.
      • Collection efforts of the RSTA squadron and infantry battalion scouts should be complementary.
      • When scouts reported a river ahead, the army dissolved into a mob and ran for it.
      • We will also see a significant increase in the number of scouts to man UA reconnaissance formations.
      • From here General Custer sent scouts out to ascertain the strength and locality of the enemy.
      • The Indian scouts attached to Custer's overland force were among the best in the Montana and Wyoming area.
      • We sent a picket ship as a scout, your government destroyed half of it, and stole all the remains.

    • 1.2(look, search)

      to have a scout around (the area) explorar / recorrer la zona
      • He fancied a scout round Victoria but I told him I preferred Wapping instead.
      • I want to have a quick scout round.
      • With a preliminary scout of the area and a sketch map, we were someway nearer as to understanding where everything was in relation to each other.

  • 2Scout

    (Boy Scout) explorador masculino
    (Boy Scout) (boy) scout masculino
    (Girl Scout) exploradora femenino
    (Girl Scout) (girl) scout femenino
    before noun the scout movement el movimiento de los scouts
  • 3talent scout

    cazatalentos masculino
  • 4

    (at Oxford University)
    criado masculino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    reconocer el terreno
    • We were only about 3 km outside the roadblocks around the Forêt but were not detected by enemy patrols scouting widely throughout the area.
    • I have several teams of men out scouting for information that might lead us to him.
    • Slaves helped Unionists evade conscription, and both groups spied and scouted for Federal troops.
    • The Federal forces at Helena in the summer of 1862 did little more than scout within a forty - to fifty-mile radius of the river city.
    • Born on a Cherokee reservation, Threepersons scouted for Gen. Blackjack Pershing on his expedition after Pancho Villa in 1916.
    • The men are sent out on patrol to scout out the enemy position.
    • Quickly flicking the C stick down will activate the gadget, and it often comes in quite handy while scouting for enemy soldiers.
    • In addition the crusaders used light cavalry and horse archers in large numbers to harass the enemy, to scout, and to supplement the knights.
    • Clement halted his army and signaled for his scout to ride ahead of the army to scout for enemies ahead.
    • As fire burned from where the bunkers once stood, Joe's remaining troops went ahead to scout for any enemy forces left.
    • One of the posthumous VCs, with another rifleman, was scouting ahead of a strong fighting patrol.
  • 2to scout for

    andar en busca de
    he was scouting for work andaba en busca de trabajo
    • I scouted for evidence of a stuck or injured fox, but found nothing.
    • I'm going to scout around for a while and make sure there aren't any thieves.
    • He scouted for legal jobs in Washington, DC but received no offers.
    • Lexi asked about this as they scouted for any wild dogs that might ruin their hunt.
    • In fact, that was the Congress' Achilles heel as it scouted for more supporters.
    • He scouted for a new location and found the 28-acre Napier Garden facility ideal for the purpose.
    • Under the watchful eyes of promoters and fans, she moved nimbly around semifinal competitor Stephanie Thomas and scouted for an opening.
    • Once our three years is up, we scout around for the best deal and re-mortgage again, if necessary.
    • Hadman intends to scout around this weekend to establish the extent of the crisis.
    • I was five minutes early so I scouted for a good spot on the beach.
    • This also gets your foot in the door so you can scout around their home to see if they have any additional art or framing needs that your business could meet.
    • Do you remember back in March we asked you to scout around at home for any old mobile phones and printer cartridges to recycle?
    • Head to the market for tiny gourds and bunches of berries or scout in the backyard for some shapely branches with character.
    • Hawaiian ecologists have long scouted for invading brown tree snakes, which occasionally stow away on planes landing in Honolulu.
    • ‘It has all meant that we had to scout around for players to fill the gaps and it's not an easy task,’ he said.
    • It's time for you to pack your bags and scout for another job!
    • The policy should simplify the funding process for film-makers who previously had to scout around for money from various departments project by project.
    • Observe the effectiveness of transgenic hybrids and insecticide control methods and learn how to dig roots and scout for rootworm larvae.
    • Some newly seeded stands may be hurt if not scouted for leafhoppers.
    • I scouted for a spot, realizing in vast horror the only place open was next to Uncle Al.