Traducción de scouting en Español:


caza de talentos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskaʊtɪŋ//ˈskaʊdɪŋ/


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    Televisión Deporte Cine Teatro
    caza de talentos femenino
    búsqueda de talentos femenino
    • Sann spent the past two seasons in the position of director, basketball administration working in the areas of scouting and player personnel.
    • For many, the way you run the A's boils down to statistical analysis vs. traditional scouting.
    • The Longhorns have so much NFL talent, the league should set up a scouting field office in Austin.
    • The franchise mode has been expanded with a scouting report and a minor league system that will let hands on managers cultivate talent.
    • It's obvious when you talk about prospects how much you value your first-hand account, or the scouting reports you hear of a player.
    • Baseball's coaching, scouting and executive ranks are filled with sore-kneed former catchers.
    • ‘The only number I can tell you is that we spend less than anybody on player development and scouting,’ he says.
    • So all the scouting reports read ‘He doesn't have what it takes to make it to the NHL.’
    • Evaluating scouts - evaluating the entire process of scouting - is long overdue.
    • Last season he still kept involved in the game, compiling scouting reports for clubs and also going to watch games just to keep his ‘finger-in’, so to speak.
    • He will handle a variety of duties on the basketball side, including scouting and player evaluation.
    • ‘He's a dynamite player,’ says a spokesperson of the independent scouting service.
    • Whether it was great scouting or just good luck, the addition of middle linebacker Levon Kirkland should have a trickle-down effect on many areas of the defense.
    • Part of the scouting process is the exercise of looking at a college prospect and seeing an established NFL player.
    • He was responsible for draft preparation and scouting, salary cap planning and roster management.
    • Some will complain it puts their scouting of college talent and preparation for free agency at a disadvantage against teams with coaches in place, but I don't buy that.
    • He is in front of his locker, placing written scouting reports and color-coded charts on Orioles hitters into neat stacks on the floor.
    • In 1963, when Ron Wolf first started in this personnel business, NFL scouting was dominated by part-timers.
    • It also should include enough rounds to neutralize the advantage of high-revenue teams that spend heavily on international scouting.
    • Parties interview candidates, but no amount of scouting insures that they can play to expectations.
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    escutismo masculino
    movimiento de los scouts masculino
    • ‘It could even be people who were involved in the scouting movement when they were young,’ he said.
    • Public and private schools, scouting groups, and religious youth educators are sources of valuable information.
    • Moves within the scouting movement mean that future scouts and guides are more likely to stay in hotel style billets than traditional tents.
    • One of the fastest growing areas of scouting, last year the program experienced a 17% growth in youth enrollment.
    • A Bowness woman has been recognised for her outstanding work within the scouting movement over many years.
    • The Brownies were an off-shoot of the scouting movement Army General Robert Baden-Powell founded in 1909.
    • He was an Eagle Scout then and taught me the lore of scouting with both patience and understanding.
    • The Boy Scout volunteer knew something was wrong when he saw that 20 youngsters on the list for a scouting program all had the same last name: Doe.
    • The scouting movement's city chapter chairman said his organization would continue to campaign for the separation of garbage.
    • It would appear that the scouting movement held little to no appeal to the PM and many members of the government.
    • The group also regularly sends delegates to the annual worldwide scouting jamboree.