Traducción de scrawl en Español:


garabato, n.

Pronunciación /skrɔl//skrɔːl/


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    garabato masculino
    • Her neat handwriting was flowing and legible, nothing like my slanted scrawl.
    • It was covered in scrawl and writing in all directions for all his different subjects.
    • Hedda picked out one covered with mysterious scrawls and studied it carefully, until she finally looked up.
    • A drawing of the original Worden Hall, used to decorate the shelter, is covered in scrawl and may have to be painted over.
    • Writing fast made her writing look like a 10-year-old's chicken scrawls.
    • A familiar scrawl of handwriting covered the paper and on the cover side was a picture of Chicago, with its skyscrapers and hazy grey skies.
    • It is from one of the Catalan's final faxes, when his handwriting was little more than a scrawl.
    • When a person signs a document, his acceptance of an illegible scrawl as his signature is sufficient to make it his signature.
    • The writing was a scrawl, verging on messy, yet neat enough to read.
    • Police make no distinction between full-scale graffiti murals, or ‘masterpieces,’ and the juvenile scrawls of territory-marking taggers.
    • Kenta squinted, trying to read it, but could not decipher the scrawl.
    • A brown-suited instructor with ramrod posture and an air of self-important officialdom points at a blackboard covered with indecipherable scrawls.
    • He shows me his notes so far: an A4 sheet covered in tiny handwritten scrawls and crossings out.
    • Do you now have fourteen pads of Post-Its waiting to be filled with scrawls and doodles?
    • I flipped open the cover and noticed the sloppy scrawl.
    • The lettering on that had strongly resembled a monkey scrawl, while the spelling and grammar were equally atrocious.
    • Although it was only re-sprayed last week, the Bluebells Path subway in Haydon Wick is now covered with fresh scrawls.
    • Do you remember how to do real handwriting or are you so rusty your scrawl resembles a doctor's prescription?
    • It was handwritten, and I recognized the scrawl as my father's.
    • They both had labels but the writing on them was a scrawl.
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    garabatos masculino
    the signature was just a scrawl la firma era un garabato
    • I recognized your scrawl on the envelope reconocí tus garabatos en el sobre

verbo transitivo

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verbo intransitivo

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    hacer garabatos