Traducción de screenplay en Español:


guión, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskrinˌpleɪ//ˈskriːnpleɪ/


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    guión masculino
    • I wrote an original screenplay for a film which has the working title Personal Honour.
    • When I was first becoming a screenwriter I was a journalist and I wrote my screenplays at night and on weekends.
    • Each night, the citizens of Los Angeles commit atrocities on each other which rival the most violent screenplays from the film studios a few miles away.
    • If screenplays are not literature they still use language, and are about visions.
    • Sofia Coppola earned an award for the screenplay for her film Lost in Translation.
    • He became much more than the sum total of his own films and screenplays.
    • It was through Laurent that I started writing screenplays for short films.
    • He's currently working on screenplays for film and television.
    • It's a combination one might expect from the man responsible for the screenplays to the films Shadowlands and Gladiator.
    • You work without a screenplay and the whole film rests on a long process of preparation.
    • Since going online two weeks ago in the US, 800 screenplays and 450 short films have been posted.
    • He wrote the screenplays for the Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin's early films, quite remarkable films.
    • After the failure of his novels, he wrote screenplays in Hollywood for a few years.
    • Almost as bad as the direction is the embarrassment of a screenplay that tells us everything and shows us nothing.
    • During his time as a script reader he had the opportunity to read over 2000 screenplays in the space of two years.
    • Mamet has written the screenplays for many commercial films on a for-hire basis.
    • Like most Neil Simon screenplays, this is a film that is made or broken on the strength of the actors' performances.
    • She spends hours writing screenplays and acting out scenes with her army of cuddly animals toys.
    • This is a Shakespeare adaptation, not an original film with an adapted screenplay.
    • Any element of fright that may have been in the screenplay is long gone in the final cut of the film.