Traducción de scrutiny en Español:


examen, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskrutni//ˈskruːtɪni/

nombrePlural scrutinies

  • 1

    (close examination)
    examen masculino
    his methods will not bear close scrutiny sus métodos no resistirán un examen riguroso
    • the report is now under scrutiny el informe está siendo analizado minuciosamente
    • The Hutton and Butler scrutinies called into question whether the obligation was being fully secured.
    • In response to all the above-mentioned cases, I published critical scrutinies of Korpi's assertions.
    • The group entered the store, Vicki only vaguely aware of Cora and Andy's chatter and Wil's long, sidelong scrutinies.
    • She then preceded him from the sitting room, allowing nothing to show on her expression save calm due to his continued sidelong scrutinies.
    • This might have been because there was nothing on the end of the line except a lead sinker, but that interesting anomaly wasn't visible to the observers, even with the keenest of scrutinies, so they were left unknowing.
    • He might read Michael Buckley's magisterial study of scientific scrutinies of religion ever since the Enlightenment.
    • The small percipient eyes are screwed up, and wrinkled from his repeated minute scrutinies.
  • 2Britanico

    escrutinio masculino