Traducción de sculpture en Español:


escultura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈskʌlptʃə//ˈskəlptʃər/


  • 1

    (art, practice)
    escultura femenino
    • The two levels above this are fully fitted out with studios for a variety of arts - painting, sculpture, silkscreen, graphics - and exhibit walls at the building's periphery.
    • Achieved by advanced computer techniques, it is pure sculpture.
    • Fossils are also featured in art as in the use of petrified wood for ornaments or the more general inspiration provided by fossils in painting and sculpture.
    • The elite, including professionals, turned to painting, sculpture, architecture, and music.
    • He began studying furniture making, but was very quickly drawn to sculpture.
    • Were the architects inspired by sculpture when they designed the idiosyncratic form of the Seattle Public Library?
  • 2

    (statue, carving)
    escultura femenino
    • The entire figure was then assembled and the process of finishing the sculpture began.
    • Monuments, public sculptures, commemorative sites and museums are being created at an accelerated pace.
    • She set it down and knocked over my sculpture in the process.
    • As the water surged through the sculpture, it created a pleasant quiet noise.
    • Her mixed-media sculptures and leaded glass panels and windows adorn projects ranging from private residences to churches and public buildings across the country.
    • She had a carp pond installed and a nine-foot water sculpture.
    • At the centre of the garden, a dramatic water sculpture created by world-renowned artist Sokari Douglas Camp will add sound and movement.
    • This sculpture evolved into a repeat pattern because of the fact that the saddle surface refuses to permit the closure of form.
    • Folded and cranked like a giant origami sculpture, the roof provides solar protection and unifies the complex.
    • The team apparently circumvented locked gates and an alarm system, while the sculpture was in the process of being moved to another location.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (form, shape)
    to sculpture sth out of stone esculpir algo en piedra
    • They were more like the aged and smoother forms of the Laurentian Mountains, whose shape was sculptured and rounded by the elements since their beginnings.
    • Before she could warn him about her makeup, he had gathered her close in his arms, and was lowering his finely sculptured lips to meet hers.
    • A high nose, sculptured lips and a chiselled jaw completed the work of art.
    • He ran a hand down the smooth and finely sculptured chest, the muscles twitching upon the caress of the long, tapered fingers.
    • So now, the clods of earth of my veg patch have been sculptured into the shape of human skulls, all smooth and rounded, not by frost but by almost constant rain.
    • You can't look at the smooth, sculptured lines of a Marchetti SF - 260 or Partenavia P68 without thinking of a Ferrari or Maserati.
    • A face halfway between the round and the oval, with sculptured curves and high cheekbones.
    • With sculptured lips, Roman nose, tattooed neck and blazing eye, he's like a toy.
    • A relevant example is that of spiral sculpture in the gastropod Nucella emarginata, which ranges from strongly sculptured to smooth.
    • The limbs twist around quite a bit, giving the trees a somewhat sculptured look.
    • I long to kiss that strong mouth, that sculptured mouth that was designed specifically to keep girls going forever.
    • Her perfectly chiselled face and perfectly sculptured nose and almond-shaped eyes, although in a stern look, exuded beauty at its best.
  • 2sculptured past participle

    (features) bien cincelado