Traducción de sea lion en Español:

sea lion

león marino, n.


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    león marino masculino
    • ‘I got to pat a kangaroo and feed a sea lion,’ Joaquin mused.
    • The Steller sea lion is an animal that's survived natural cycles in North Pacific waters for 3 million years.
    • And what we're saying is, this is one of the largest sea lion colonies in the world, it's home to probably the largest number of ospreys that's been recorded in South Australia.
    • A sea lion lets out a single long deep-throated bellow that eerily pierces the air like an elephant's roar.
    • Park officials contend that off-leash dogs roam onto sensitive dunes, dig up plants, chase birds and rabbits, and harass sea lions.
    • In the background he could hear the famous sea lions with their hoarse barking.
    • The agency decided to keep two-thirds of sea lion critical habitat closed to fishing, and the judge lifted his injunction.
    • A family of sea lions bellowed their conversation somewhere down the coastline, adding a deep, rich sound to the serene atmosphere.
    • Along with The Sierra Club, it is lobbying to have the fish farms moved inland, away from sea lion temptation.
    • Perhaps we can suggest to them that a sea lion would be a better mascot?