Traducción de sea otter en Español:

sea otter

nutria de mar, n.


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    nutria de mar femenino
    • The sea otter's range was restricted to the North Pacific basin, at least from the Pleistocene onward.
    • Attempts in 2003 to delist the southern sea otter as threatened were not successful.
    • Hunting during the 18th and 19th centuries greatly reduced the distribution of the sea otter.
    • A few other carnivores, such as the sea otter, are also specialized for life in the oceans.
    • In the north, the sea otter is thriving in areas off Alaska and British Columbia, and a translocated group off Washington State is growing.
    • We went whale watching and saw two grey whales spurting in unison, dolphins, more sea lions and a sea otter.