Traducción de seabird en Español:


ave marina, n.


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    (with masculine article in the singular) ave marina femenino
    • The marbled murrelet, a bird about the size of a robin, is the only seabird to nest in old growth forest.
    • The ship glided over the waters with ease, like a graceful seabird sails just above water.
    • Humeri of the extinct seabird grew to about 65 cm long.
    • Taking a Quaker stewardship view of nature, Douglas loved creatures of the wild, from the low-slung sand crab to the stilted seabird.
    • So did populations of sooty shearwaters, a seabird that eats young fish and large plankton, which plummeted 90 percent.
    • The world's biggest seabird, the wandering albatross, is in peril because of long-line fishing.
    • First we are in search of that funny-looking seabird, the puffin.
    • The story is somewhat confused, but it may be that the word was first applied to the Great Auk, a flightless seabird now extinct which, like the penguin, used its wings to swim underwater.
    • Northerly winds and currents will tend to drive oil slicks towards the spectacular seabird and seal colonies of Cape Terpeniya and Tyulenniy Island.
    • The stormy grey glass wings of a tiny seabird stretched over my palm as the little beak stayed frozen in a silent cry.