Traducción de seamless en Español:


sin costuras, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsiːmləs//ˈsimləs/


  • 1

    (stockings/knitting) sin costuras
    (steel tube/roof panel) de una pieza
    (performance/blend) perfecto
    • In 1851, George Hemshall received the Prince Albert Medal for weaving a seamless linen shirt.
    • Military communication - or more accurately, information management - presents a seamless network on the late twentieth-century battlefield.
    • His smooth, cool and seamless demeanour contrasts to that of the rough and passionate Dunn.
    • So Perhaps a single, big Wi-Fi network will encourage the service providers to team up for seamless roaming.
    • By the end, literally rocketing down through orbit to land on the surface of a planet in one seamless move is impressive enough.
    • More money wouldn't remove those obstacles to seamless service, nor would improved logistics.
    • He makes a chest of drawers from a single block of wood, almost seamless.
    • Answering these questions may help institutions create a more seamless web of advising services.
    • While a propagandist only presents one side, the fact is that no one side is seamless or blameless.
    • On the interior, the disembodied floor appears to float freely from seamless, rounded walls.
    • The floor was white washed wood, going from one room to the next like a piece of seamless fabric.
    • The company aims to provide a seamless mobile service throughout the Caribbean region.
    • For the tummy, use a panty girdle or a one-piece unitard body slimmer control top seamless in the back.
    • This can also help to minimise, or cause the seamless appearance of, the existence of the technology.
    • The idea is to eliminate inefficiency, creating a perfectly seamless manufacturing process.
    • What I'm describing requires a lot of pieces to fit together in a seamless way.
    • This is going to be a real seamless transition.
    • These mappings can then be used to allow seamless user translation between different security realms.
    • The graphics are very impressive as is the smooth, seamless transition between battle mode and exploration mode.
    • But Prato does a deft job in making the transitions between interview subjects appear seamless.
    • The injected sealant displaces the air through the part flange forming a seamless seal.
    • His seamless performance makes the show a timeless classic.
    • What you get is a seamless, and I mean seamless, zooming and rotating of the world.
    • Clinicians need to balance new mainstream integration with sensitive assimilation of the hospice model to ensure seamless transition.
    • Each work is pieced together from a pair of photographs that don't quite join to form a seamless whole.
    • The metal floor continued into the hall and the walls smoothed out into a seamless surface.
    • The seamless bras are cut from a unique system that includes ultrasonic seaming and new bonding techniques.
    • The overall distortion allows for the seamless integration of footage from different sources.
    • The seamless ensemble performance by the 50-plus cast makes for two hours of excellent entertainment.
    • Walking from the street into the interior of a building couldn't be any more seamless then it is here.
    • Sometimes, the stunning scenery is digitally enhanced with seamless sophistication.
    • All echelons will integrate the collectors, thus creating a seamless collaborative environment.
    • When seamless stockings were developed it changed the future of ladies hosiery forever.
    • That means that your use of the Internet is completely seamless.
    • The Raiders are convinced Gibson is physical enough to make a seamless transition.
    • The alliance is an effort by the three companies to create a seamless digital music system.
    • On one level, a seamless robe of force and coercion linked the British response to external and internal challenges.
    • Players can also customize everything as well as have their characters interact with others in a seamless neighborhood.
    • There are some obvious scenes with wire work, and not everything is seamless.
    • The surface of these texts is too perfect, seamless, wound around itself too tightly.