Traducción de search en Español:


registrar, v.

Pronunciación /sərtʃ//səːtʃ/

verbo transitivo

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    (building) registrar
    (building) catear México
    (building) esculcar América Latina Cono Sur
    (person) cachear
    (person) registrar
    (person) catear México
    (person) requisar Colombia
    (luggage) registrar
    (luggage) revisar América Latina
    (luggage) esculcar América Latina Cono Sur
    (files/records) buscar en
    (files/records) examinar
    to search one's memory hacer memoria
    • to search one's conscience examinar su (or mi etc.) conciencia
    • to search sth/sb for sth
    • she searched the attic from top to bottom for the letters revolvió todo el ático buscando las cartas
    • we searched the archives for conclusive evidence examinamos los archivos en busca de pruebas concluyentes
    • I searched his face for a glimmer of recognition busqué en su rostro algún indicio de que me reconocía
    • they searched him for drugs lo cachearon (or registraron etc) para ver si tenía drogas
    • they searched the woods for the missing child registraron el bosque en busca del niño desaparecido
    • So searching using 25 words will probably get you little or no results.
    • Now they can achieve much the same result by searching the Internet at no cost.
    • For this review, the authors systematically searched several databases.
    • His eyes frantically searched the room, in a panic.
    • Teachers at a Manchester secondary school will search pupils suspected of carrying drugs.
    • You can search their site for trips with last-minute availability by location, activity, or date, or other criteria.
    • The government has already extended to police the power to stop and search people suspected of buying or selling drugs.
    • If people come to your site and consistently search for specific keyword phrases, then you know you are not making those keyword phrases obvious to visitors.
    • I come across you useful site while searching for a hotel near the airport.
    • Police then searched his house in Naklua, but once again did not find any illegal drugs.
    • Upon entering the building, the guards told Ric that they needed to search him for any weapons.
    • Upon searching the house officers also found a stash of pirate DVDs.
    • Detectives searched his house after Jodi's body was found, and took a number of items away for examination.
    • Allow users to search their network for keywords so they can connect with others for mutual benefit.
    • The tanning salon was closed as police investigators searched the premises.
    • So Joe was able to search the database for information about himself as well as his ancestor.
    • Quantum computation would enable one to search enormous databases with extraordinary efficiency.
    • It is better for private security firms to search staff and guard buildings.
    • We haven't abandoned Google for searching the web yet - such habits are hard to break.
    • Investigators searching his room found incriminating evidence - materials matching those of the bomb.
    • Police searched his person and his room but no firearms were found, George maintained.
    • Visitors to the portal can simultaneously search the databases of six large e-book shops.
    • He said police would thoroughly search the cars of the two for illicit goods.
    • I walked to Ken's office and sat at his computer and started searching the databases.
    • The database can be searched by school name, by state and by ethnicity of students.
    • By searching the database a user can find out if a match exists for the buyer or seller who they are dealing with.
    • She did not see why the guards had to search the slaves each morning.
    • Police and staff had to search fans for weapons before the start of the show and found items including ironing boards and kitchen sinks.
    • Practising doctors do not have time to search multiple sites or scroll through long text.
    • Read books, get in touch with organisations and search the internet for information.
    • Setting off the alarm at the security check, I was searched much more thoroughly than I'd ever been before.
    • Blast helps scientists search databases of protein and DNA sequences.
    • He was also frustrated at the time it took to search the Internet for new material that he was interested in downloading.
    • Madoka asked him to search every network he knew of for information.
    • Their home address was also searched by police officers.
    • Rescuers searched the area for three hours before they finally found the fisherman.
    • When I searched using google, I found some interesting information.
    • Data scanned could be sent to a database that is searched automatically for certain triggers.
    • The driver was searched by security guards but they did not check inside the lorry, said the newspaper.
    • Even I do not pay any attention to the armed guards searching me before I enter any public place.
    • In Boston, British soldiers search the houses of the rebel leaders in vain.

verbo intransitivo

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    we searched everywhere buscamos / miramos en todas partes
    • to search for sth/sb buscar algo/a algn
    • they are searching for a way to … están buscando la manera de …
    • they searched (around / about) for the missing ticket buscaron la entrada que faltaba por todas partes
    • to search through sth
    • we must search through his belongings tenemos que buscar entre sus cosas
    • she searched through his papers for his will buscó su testamento entre sus papeles
    • to search after sth ir en busca de algo
    • We walked among the shops, searching for anyone who was looking for an apprentice.
    • Police were still searching for clues to determine who had set off the bomb.
    • After searching for him among the various people that filled the room she decided to go upstairs.
    • Active during the day, poison arrow frogs spend their daylight hours constantly searching for food.
    • She said that she had been driving around for over two hours desperately searching for another way to get home.
    • She searched through her desk drawers until she found what she was looking for.
    • In Pakistan, rescuers are frantically searching for survivors in the rubble of Saturday's earthquake.
    • He mounted once more and began to trot among the trees, searching for the source of the noise.
    • It also includes hints and tips to help you train your eye to search out the special pieces from among the throng.
    • Paulo Coelho has spent his own life constantly searching for answers to philosophical, spiritual and religious questions.
    • He said there was a noticeable increase in caution among people searching for a property to buy.
    • I cursed her as I searched through the kitchen cupboards for something to eat.
    • He picked up a flashlight on the floor and began searching for his name, careful to dim the light as much as he could.
    • His lax brown eyes scanned the conveyor belt carefully, searching for a black duffel bag.
    • Selina searched through the pile of luggage in order to find her own.
    • Thinking that morning in the garden had gotten me no where and I was still searching desperately for some answers.
    • We took off our climbing gear and started to fan out over the rocks, keenly searching for fossils.
    • He was arrested after being picked up by rescuers searching for survivors in the wreckage.
    • He searched through his closet, then his drawers, then his closet again.
    • One of the most powerful tools was the right to search without a warrant.


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    (hunt, quest)
    búsqueda femenino
    search for sth/sb búsqueda de algo/algn
    • the search for the child continues continúa la búsqueda de la niña
    • after a fruitless search tras una búsqueda infructuosa
    • we went in search of a policeman fuimos a buscar un policía
    • they set off in search of adventure partieron en busca de aventuras
    • we're in search of new premises estamos buscando un nuevo local
    • Meanwhile in the woods, Alonzo continued the fruitless search for his beloved Rose.
    • Unfortunately, the search for a cure for the GM virus was proving difficult.
    • Police officers began a fingertip search of the area yesterday in an attempt to retrieve physical evidence.
    • Unfortunately, their search has yielded no sign of Marcus.
    • They carried out a thorough search of the premises for evidence of unlicensed slaughtering operations.
    • Military police entered the village and began conducting house-to-house searches.
    • Trying to find truth in the blogs is like the search for the Holy Grail.
    • University of Iowa officials began a nationwide search for a replacement.
    • Locals believe its bells were thrown into the river at the time, but searches have been unsuccessful.
    • The book is really a story about a man's search for truth.
    • In search of answers, they bolted and ran to alternative practitioners.
    • Laughter erupted again and the beloved professor's life revealed one man's desperate search for truth.
    • Yesterday they were carrying out house-to-house inquiries and carried out a thorough forensic search of the area.
    • In search of opportunities to fulfil his dreams, he goes away from his caring brother.
    • The film tells the story of a woman's search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance.
    • Thinking of that made her smile in anticipation and she summoned the energy to continue her fruitless search.
    • Systematic literature searches were conducted to assess the evidence for and against the effectiveness of kava extract for treating anxiety.
    • Subsequently, there is pain and bitterness, an endless search for a miracle cure.
    • With the bit between their teeth, Wolfhill quickly went in search of the equaliser.
    • In the past decade we started a frantic search for clues that might lead to its cure.
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    (examination, scrutiny)
    (of building, pockets) registro masculino
    (of building, pockets) esculque masculino América Latina Cono Sur
    (of records, documents) inspección femenino
    (of records, documents) examen masculino
    body search requisa femenino América Latina
    • house search allanamiento
    • they made a search of the building registraron el edificio
    • Before entering into a contract to buy an estate in land, it is usual also to make a search about the property in the local land charges register.
    • After a two-month search of public records in Britain, all leads ran dry.
    • Instruct your solicitor to inspect local and national searches and the title deeds for any onerous covenants, restrictions, etc.
    • She maintains that she did not discover the transfer until 1998 when her lawyer conducted a title search on the property.
    • As an example, Midland County allows the public five free searches of property tax information.
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    búsqueda femenino
    (time/operation) (before noun) de búsqueda
    • A final heuristic search was initiated with all parameters estimated.
    • Yet, and extensive internet search only reveals that there are over 2000 varieties of English apples.
    • In addition, personal interviews and online database searches were conducted.
    • Start your research on ceramic tiles by doing a quick Internet search.
    • Databases were queried and a quick web search revealed that the ponderous error message was written in Polish.
    • A blast homology search of all available databases reveals no significant homology to the white locus polymorphic indel.
    • A heuristic search was carried out to find the most parsimonious tree (s).
    • All database searches were performed online and finished in early June 2000.
    • They often asked questions that were too vague or did not lend themselves to keyword searches on the computer databases.
    • As with the scanned resume, this allows your resume to be accessible during keyword database searches.
    • We found qualitative studies that focused directly on double standards through our computerized database searches.
    • Users would be able to go to Google and find a search link to a database of text from some 60,000 books.
    • A computerized search through all relevant databases was also conducted using several combinations of keywords.
    • Manhunts are going to become mere database searches.
    • To determine the correct gene structure, we performed a sequence similarity search against the protein database.
    • Presenter Ashley Blake says: " A quick internet search revealed a company which makes plates for ' show '.
    • Missing data that was never collected during an investigative process can also affect database searches.
    • Microsoft uses its software already on your computer to run a search, while Google use its own site.
    • My Google searches haven't turned up any first rate sources.
    • Google's updated search is - again - free for download and combines searches of desktops, intranets and the internet.
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    investigación del título de propiedad de un inmueble en el catastro