Traducción de seat belt en Español:

seat belt

cinturón de seguridad, n.


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    cinturón de seguridad masculino
    to fasten one's seat belt abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad
    • to put one's seat belt on ponerse el cinturón de seguridad
    • Front seats come with an integrated seat belt which means no stretching back to grab the belt off the door pillar.
    • Strangely, though, when you omit to fasten your seat belt the car lets out a single soft, sweet, sustained chime.
    • I have to wear my seat belt in my car and a reflector belt at night time.
    • As we prepared to land, he explained the need to fasten a seat belt.
    • Airbags are not a substitute for a seat belt, so always wear your seat belt even if your car has air bags.
    • She let the operators slip off her high-heels, fasten the seat belt, and pull over the metal strap.
    • In Goldman, the pilot had to make a decision as to whether to illuminate the seat belt instruction light.
    • Since it was raining and he was driving fast and always with only one hand, I have fastened the seat belt.
    • Everyone knows, or ought to know, that when he goes out in a car he should fasten the seat belt.
    • The young man assisted me into the automobile and I strapped on a holster seat belt.
    • He wants to put on his own seat belt, brush his own teeth, and climb the stairs on his own.
    • I had not clipped on my seat belt and was in great danger of falling out.
    • We stopped at a red light and he reached over me and put my seat belt on for me.
    • She was wearing her seat belt yet she suffered head injuries grave enough to cause her death.
    • It's the next best thing to sitting inside a real one and putting your shoulder out of joint reaching for the seat belt.
    • I smiled at the air stewardess, pushed my bag away and quickly fastened my seat belt.
    • The driver is required to blow into the built-in device before fastening the seat belt.
    • They should only wear a two-point lap belt if a three-point seat belt is not available.
    • Jacob was tall enough now to see over the dashboard even with his seat belt fastened.
    • Fasten the cage securely to the vehicle or secure it with a seat belt.