Traducción de seclusion en Español:


aislamiento, n.

Pronunciación /səˈkluʒən//sɪˈkluːʒ(ə)n/


  • 1

    aislamiento masculino
    to live in seclusion vivir recluido / aislado
    • Just a few months ago you were in seclusion on a mountaintop with small goats keeping you company.
    • Those with the least to reveal are the ones most interested in seclusion.
    • Such interest is anathema to Sun Wen, a quietly spoken intellectual who enjoys writing poetry in seclusion.
    • Women went from being autonomous individuals to subservient beings living in seclusion.
    • Jimmy Connors is not Howard Hughes, but has spent a good deal longer in seclusion.
    • At the same time, authorities couldn't hold such a prominent figure in seclusion for interrogation indefinitely.
    • The family here in Utah has stayed in seclusion throughout its ordeal, shutting the door to the news media.
    • Now he lives in seclusion in Kent, a practising magistrate who writes frequently for the Tablet.
    • Living on an island usually means living in seclusion, the water on all sides disconnecting inhabitants from the rest of the world and all of modernity.
    • This is a very extraordinary thing, because the family really has been in seclusion for the past 24 hours.
    • After a day in seclusion, relatives of executed American hostage Paul Johnson Jr. released a statement.
    • Cpl Hassoun's relatives in Utah have been in seclusion since the report of his death was issued on Saturday.
    • These monks live in seclusion, and study the ways of the giant squid.
    • In about eight miles of Lancaster, there are about 25,000 Amish living in seclusion.
    • And it's going to be quite a buzz because the twins have been in seclusion and they have been out of the public eye.
    • The initiates themselves must remain in seclusion during the sometimes grueling training.
    • I believe that the son speaks for so many sons and daughters out there, living out this nightmare in seclusion.
    • Cows have their counter-strategies, leaving the group to live in seclusion when they are calving.
    • She retired to her native Tiverton in 1801 and lived in seclusion until her death in 1809.
    • Without security, regardless of their legitimate rights, women will be fearful and will choose to remain in seclusion.
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    reclusión femenino